Just “miking” along

Last weekend I didn’t cycle.  I think it is the first weekend in ages where I haven’t done a ride.  Well, discount the wedding anniversary weekend of course.  I did Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, just the short routes around Lake Ronkonkoma, and got up late on both Thursday and Friday.  So today was a 55 mile ride out to the North Fork and back.  It’s been the fastest 55 mile ride by two minutes but I would still like to break the 3 hour barrier.  I was six minutes over.  Next weekend, perhaps.

It was definitely fresh at 7:30am.  Autumn is on its way.  The sun was noticeably lower down as well.  My bones are beginning to groan at the thought of putting those layers back on.  As it is, I am still in one layer and making the most of it.

There were sections of the road where there have been new bicycle symbols painted in the shoulders.  I had noticed two weeks ago that they had written “BIKE” on the road where they wanted a symbol to go.  This morning I saw two bike symbols very close together and smiled when I saw that one of had the word “Mike” written in white paint.  It was title casing whereas all the others were in uppercase so I think someone just painted the word on the road to see what would happen.  I wish I had thought of it!!  Respect!

Three weeks to go until the 300k.  It is a hilly one put I am not practicing on any hills.  I think keeping the long ride on the weekends is sufficient training.  I don’t think the saddle is going to arrive in time but you never know.

Tomorrow, Alma and I are going to cycle from Mattituck to Greenport where we will have lunch.  It’ll be some more miles but at a slower pace.  I think I may even take the 40D along.


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