Casual ride with the Mrs.

Today was a nice and easy ride with Alma.  I have been wanting to go out riding with Alma for a long while and today was a good opportunity.  I had done my long ride yesterday and we nothing planned for the day.  So we decided to ride from Mattituck to Greenport, have lunch, and then come back.

Alma on Route 25

I drove to Mattituck passing many cyclists on the road I was pedalling along yesterday.  When I reached the turning point on my 55 mile loop, I started the  odometer on the car to see how much further I would need to add to the ride if I went all the way to Greenport from the house.  It would add an extra 23 miles for each leg so that would make it 100 mile bike ride.  I might try that later in the year.

There were no public bathrooms when we got to Mattituck so we had to cross our legs until we got to Greenport! 😛

We went along Middle Road which goes by Secret Beach, a place we have both dive a lot but is now unfortunately closed for scuba diving whilst the town/village of Southold wonder how to control access.  We passed by many farms and vineyards though there were more vineyards on the way back.  Alma just had to get off her bike and try one of the white grapes.  I had my camera bag on my chest but I had forgotten to clip on the back strap and the bag was getting in the way of pedalling.  I tried to put on the strap as I cycled but I failed – I had to stop.  Alma was waiting for me further up the road.  It was nice having the camera there though I didn’t stop to take photos except on the way back.

We had lunch at Greenport and then we came back on Rt. 25.  This went through the villages and there was more pretty houses to look at and even less stops.  There were a few inclines, molehills really and the biggest was a bridge going over the railroad track.

Alma seemed to enjoy herself.  We had put on 26 miles for the complete trip and I came in at over a 4.0 pace.  I checked when else I had done a 4.0 pace.  The last time was on the day of the 200k – when it rained like crazy in the morning.  There were not many times.  I joked with Alma that we needed to increase the pace next time.  She gave me the look. 😀


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