Finally, the new saddle

The new saddle arrived on Friday afternoon and today was the first chance I got for having a ride having been scuba diving and running both Saturday and Sunday respectively.

The new Terry saddle

The new Terry saddle

When I sat on the bicycle in the garage last night, my immediate thought was that it felt uncomfortable.  I knew I was going to take it out for a spin this morning so when I woke up, I prayed it was raining!!  No such luck.  So armed with lights and sporting the cycling jersey got me, luminous yellow, I set off.

The thoughts for this morning were different to last night.  A lot less cushioning than the other saddle, however, not as severe as the saddle I got on my first racer when I was 13.  My bum quickly adapted to it though I can tell it is built for speed work.  Terry also make saddles for long distance, especially designed for men and their bits! I may end up getting one of those.

This morning’s ride took me on a reverse journey.  I somehow seem to have adopted Village Lane as a climbing road instead of the usual descent.  After speeding down Motor Parkway, instead of turning right on to Terry Rd (pardon the pun), I kept straight on Motor Parkway and climbed that hill.  I can maintain a 30mph pace descending that so it is not a steep climb and after last weekend was nothing to write home about it.  I turned right on to Rosedale (I think) which has another climb that it is steeper than Motor Parkway but very short.  Down Ocean Ave next where I did not get the benefit of the downhill as there were two red lights to go through as it passed beneath the Interstate.  Johnson next then Terry and finally up old Walter. 😛

The saddle became more comfortable as the ride progressed.  Or, I should say, my bum moulded itself to it better.  I end up liking the saddle and think it will be a good saddle for the winter when the rides are not so long.  I am not sure about doing a century ride on it though you never know, come March next year it may feel as comfortable as any cushioned saddle.


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