Out of shape

How easily we fall out of shape.  Today’s ride of 22 miles felt tough.  I was back to equalling the slow times of last winter.  I remember at one point thinking this was a long ride – when was the last time I felt that, the 300k?  As I said after the 600k, I need to get a schedule as that worked very well when I had planned out the rides in advance.  Of course, having to train for the 5k run is not helping as I have to now alternate between running and cycling.  After the turtle run, if I am still not liking it, I may switch to swimming instead of running.

The new saddle popped.  I was climbing the hill on Motor Parkway when I felt it pop.  What had actually happened was the force on the saddle made it snap back on the post somehow.  I need to go have a look as I forgot when I got in.  I got to the top of the hill and popped it back as it was uncomfortable climbing with the saddle leaning slightly upwards.  It did a mini pop later into the ride but I haven’t popped that back yet.  Let me go do that now.


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One Response to “Out of shape”

  1. keithsnyder Says:

    I know what you mean. I was already out of shape for the Old Saybrook 300K, and today it doesn’t feel like I could even do a brisk 20.

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