The winter, she comes

Outside temperature was a nice 43F this morning when I ventured downstairs to get my shorts from the basement.  I had expected to go out in shorts thinking temps would be in the 50sF but it was not to be.  When I went back upstairs to get ready, I went for layers.  I even took out the new windbreaker Alma had given to me as a birthday present.  Still have not got the Lake boots so was interesting to see how cold my feet would be.

I only did a short 27 mile ride but it is an exposed route going down Nichols Rd and back along Vets.  It is about a 20 mile gap between passing the last house on 347 and passing the next one a few miles from home.  Most of that distance is open roads so no warmth from the surrounding neighbourhoods.  It is not a route which I did last winter so I am interested to see how cold that route is compared to the usual routes I did last year.

Being wrapped in layers I noticed my average speed was down.  I think the muscles do not warm up fully which makes full performance not possible and leaves the ride an endurance ride.  This is fine for me during the winter as the important thing is to do base miles and then up the performance level next Spring.  My feet were not that cold at the end of the ride but I am going to be enquiring about the Lake boots this week.


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