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Ten days out

15 January 2011

Ok, the word from the doctor is ten days off the bike.  I had a voluntary medical procedure last night and asked the doctor how quickly I could get back on the bike.  He said ten days.  I think in a couple of days I should be able to swim though I do feel a little feint from time to time.  We shall see.


By heck, that were a cold ride

11 January 2011

I had forgotten what sub freezing temperatures felt like when riding.  How could I have forgotten the initial pain on my face and forehead?  How could I have forgotten how the legs never warm up?  Somehow, I had.

With six inches of snow forecasted for tonight, today was the last chance of going outside for some time.  I haven’t cleared our driveway, there’s only an inch of snow on there, so I walked the bike down to the road.  The road was clear, for the most part.  The roads were actually pretty good and there were no icy patches that I had to be aware of.  No traffic problems either; I guess the two lights on the bike helped there.

My work effort was hard.  I was determined to beat last week’s time.  I did, but I felt powerless to put in any sort of effort.  It was too hard to really push myself.  It felt like I didn’t have the energy.  I am sure that is not just the cold but I will find out when I do an indoor session tomorrow.

2011 – first outside ride

7 January 2011

I went out cycling this morning as it hadn’t snowed overnight.  Temperature was 32F so I was a little bit wary of black ice.  I think that wariness affected performance as I took the longest time for the short 20km route, ever.  I had a feeling it would be a slow time when I reached the top of the first hill after ten minutes when normally it takes me around eight.  Adding all the extra layers normally slows my time but I had to check what I was doing a year ago and it was only the indoor rides that I was doing a comparable time.  My time yesterday was faster than the indoor rides of last year so I am not overly worried.  Anyway, it is early days into my training – only second day in.

It has snowed tonight so I’ll be back inside tomorrow.  Even though it didn’t snow much, it is dead icy.  We went out for a dinner and movie and it was like an ice rink when we came out of the movie theatre.  Thankfully the roads weren’t like that.

The new shoes held up great but I want some really low temperatures to really test them out.  I think 17F was my lowest temperature last year and my feet were frozen when I got back.  I had the new GoPro camera though I definitely think I set the helmet strap up wrongly as could be seen from all my photos.  Here is one of the better one.

Winter Cycling

All dressed up

2011’s First ride

6 January 2011

Well, I finally got on the bike this evening.  I slept in this morning, waking up at 8 o’clock so was too late to do any sort of riding before work.  My objective was to do 20km and it seemed tough doing the constant pedalling.  You forget how much coasting and stopping you do out on the streets.  The last ride I did was back in November so the legs are definitely out of practice.  I think 20km is a bit too short but I shall do that for a week to get the leg muscles working again.  I have yet to come up with my winter training plan and I definitely need to get that done ASAP.

It is supposed to snow again tomorrow so doubt I’ll be able to get outside at the weekend.  It may not snow much so we shall see.  I want to test the new boots to see how they keep my feet warm.  I just found out that it is not due to start snowing until 11am so I may be able to sneak a short ride in the morning.  Fingers crossed.

Dashed training ride

5 January 2011

With the snow still on the roads and icy at the sides, I have decided not to go out in the early mornings.  Instead, I am going to do training rides in front of the TV.  This morning I set up the Trek and attached the spare Edge connections.  I have put the originals on to the Specialized.  I started spinning but it was giving my speed at a whopping 5 mph  and my cadence at 160%.  What is going on?  I thought it was missing registering the wheel going round.  After spending some time trying to figure out what was wrong, I read the installation manual and then realised I had the transmitter the wrong way round.  The wheel was measuring cadence and the pedal measuring speed.  By the time I had set everything up correctly, it was too late to train before starting work.  Now that the bike is set up fully, I shall do my first training ride of the year after work.

2011 – this is the year

4 January 2011

Wow, I haven’t posted anything for three months.  Did the internet die or something?  Time to dust off the blog.  Time to get work out my schedule.  Time to also write some stuff on Examiner as well.

We are now into the third day of January and we still have snow on the ground.  Indoor training is the order of the day.  Dieting is the order of the year as I am sure the excesses of December (3 week vacation) have piled on the pounds.