Dashed training ride

With the snow still on the roads and icy at the sides, I have decided not to go out in the early mornings.  Instead, I am going to do training rides in front of the TV.  This morning I set up the Trek and attached the spare Edge connections.  I have put the originals on to the Specialized.  I started spinning but it was giving my speed at a whopping 5 mph  and my cadence at 160%.  What is going on?  I thought it was missing registering the wheel going round.  After spending some time trying to figure out what was wrong, I read the installation manual and then realised I had the transmitter the wrong way round.  The wheel was measuring cadence and the pedal measuring speed.  By the time I had set everything up correctly, it was too late to train before starting work.  Now that the bike is set up fully, I shall do my first training ride of the year after work.


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