2011 – first outside ride

I went out cycling this morning as it hadn’t snowed overnight.  Temperature was 32F so I was a little bit wary of black ice.  I think that wariness affected performance as I took the longest time for the short 20km route, ever.  I had a feeling it would be a slow time when I reached the top of the first hill after ten minutes when normally it takes me around eight.  Adding all the extra layers normally slows my time but I had to check what I was doing a year ago and it was only the indoor rides that I was doing a comparable time.  My time yesterday was faster than the indoor rides of last year so I am not overly worried.  Anyway, it is early days into my training – only second day in.

It has snowed tonight so I’ll be back inside tomorrow.  Even though it didn’t snow much, it is dead icy.  We went out for a dinner and movie and it was like an ice rink when we came out of the movie theatre.  Thankfully the roads weren’t like that.

The new shoes held up great but I want some really low temperatures to really test them out.  I think 17F was my lowest temperature last year and my feet were frozen when I got back.  I had the new GoPro camera though I definitely think I set the helmet strap up wrongly as could be seen from all my photos.  Here is one of the better one.

Winter Cycling

All dressed up


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