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A quick ten miles

23 February 2011

It wasn’t really a quick one but it felt quicker than the last indoor ride I did. The ride on Monday finished once I hit the 30 minute mark, the ride today finished once I hit the 10 mile mark. They both converged on the 16 mph zone. On Monday I started off on the rollers as I was taking some photos for an article on So my average speed was low and I did ten minutes on the rollers before I got too sweaty and then it became too dangerous for me to wipe the sweat off without falling. I did fall once. When I got on the trainer, I had to work hard go get my average up to 16 mph. That was my aim on Monday. Today’s aim was ten miles keeping above 16 mph. It was 16.5 at one stage but it gradually came down. I had to pick it up at the end there to make sure it didn’t go all the way below.

I was watching one of the Carmichael training videos for climbing. I am determined that my times are going to be good this year – better than last year. I don’t want to come close to running out of time like I did for the 300km. I was mainly watching the extras that comes with the DVD not the actual training part of it. The training session lasts 64 minutes and you have to calculate your maximum power effort and heart rates before doing it. I’ll do that tomorrow. Perhaps. Today, I just wanted to see how the training is. I really liked watching it on the sofa after a shower and eating soup and seeing all the ahtletes being put through their paces. It seems like it is going to be fun.

Tomorrow I have a delivery. Tomorrow I will have something that is an investment for life. It will help prepare me for PBP and then beyond. Winter training is going to be so nice. That is what the brochure says. We shall see once the indoor bike arrives. There will be pics!!


Longest short ride of the year

21 February 2011

Yesterday, I was itching for a ride. However, it wasn’t until 1 o’clock before I got around to doing anything about it. I was busy working on Dive Club stuff that I am way behind schedule on!! Then when I got to start getting ready for the bike ride, I couldn’t believe how long it took to get ready having to pile on the layers!

I knew the route I was going to take was the one where I go along the service roads of I-95 and drive around Lake Ronkonkoma. It has been a while since I did that ride because I consider it a 40km ride and the 40 km ride down Nichols and up Vets is so much faster that I prefer to do it. The beginning of the ride was faster than my last ride out that I started feeling good about the ride. Currently I feel as if I am so out of shape. The month I took off after the op, plus December I was away for three weeks, I haven’t done much riding since November. My cycling legs are definitely on vacation.

But then I hit the wind. Going down Motor Parkway was a chore. Riding up Ocean was a chore. Riding down Motor Parkway the other way was a chore. Riding down Vets was a chore. Going around Lake Ronkonkoma and Portion Rd was beneficial but those moments were all too brief. I think of all the winds, the North wind is the least favourable. It was blowing well yesterday but not as bad as Saturday. The trees were bent over then.

My time was slow. Very slow. I averaged 13.1 mph. Ok, the wind was a big factor but this is slow. I am trying not to act worried but I need to step up to the plate. Of course, I am also on a low-carb diet. I am seeing how my body reacts to that. I may need to start eating carbs when I am out on the ride. We’ll see how that goes.

This is what technology is all about…

20 February 2011

How cool is this? I don’t think this will show up on facebook so you’ll have to view the page from my blog.

Imported Route (20/02/2011) and more rides in Nesconset, NY on MapMyRIDE. Find ride

Wind advisory…

19 February 2011

I am so fickle!!

As I was going to bed last night I thought, “By ‘eck, that’s a strong wind.” I checked the SBRA website to see if the ride was still on this morning and saw that one of them is being reconsidered due to the wind advisory. Wind advisory? What wind advisory? I Binged (will that ever catch on?) the weather and sure enough, a wind advisory in effect until tomorrow morning – gusts up to 65 mph.

I am off to make a nice cup of tea – the perfect antidote to a wind advisory. I have a bum rash anyway due to me using my cycling shorts which I had not washed since my last ride. I am cringing at the thought of all that bacteria crawling around and living on nothing for a month and then “Hello, boys, a feast fit for a king!!”

I’ll go for a ride tomorrow instead.

Oh little spider

18 February 2011

For my first bike ride since the operation, I was a bit apprehensive. I haven’t as much as even rode inside and was a bit concerned how the crown jewels would react. They were fine until about 12 miles into the ride though I don’t know if that was kidney pain or just the muscles of my admin.

A Spider's Journey

The spider being bounced around

I had a passenger for today’s ride. Not for all the way, unfortunately. When I was “flying” down Townline, I looked down at my handlebars and saw that there was this spider enjoying the breeze. It was grabbing on to a piece of its silk, a few inches from the handlebars. When I started going along the flat on Townline, it scampered back up the silk line and caught its breath on the handlebars. The next bump I came to it was back on the line again. Coming up to the traffic lights it was able to make it back to relative safety. As I was climbing the hill by the landfill (no, not St. James’ Park!), I lost sight of it. I was going to stop at the top and put it in my saddlebag. Needless to say, I did not go back looking for the spider. I do hope it is all right in its new home. The episode reminded me of Kate Bush’s A Coral Room when she sings, “Oh little spider climbing out of a broken jug”. I like spiders.

On to the ride. It was fairly warm: 43F when I set off. The snow still creeps out on to the sides of the road and there is a lot of salt on the road. It is positively boiling hot now!! I was fine for the most part. My time was still down but that is only to be expected. It was, however, quicker than the last time I did the route in January. I made sure of that. 🙂 I still have a little twinge on my side but I’ll stretch that out later today. I am back out again tomorrow and will be doing a ride with the bike club. They will be taking a break somewhere so I am in a quandry about whether to take my own food, as I imagine wherever they stop will only have cereal based offerings. What do you say? I was going to take out the Specialized but with all that salt on the road, I’ll be taking Trekkie.

Wow, long ten days

16 February 2011

Those ten days turned into a month. Well, if I was going to go a month without cycling, it is best to do it now than later in the season. I could have risked getting the procedure done last year but with an offshore scuba diving trip in December, I didn’t want any complications occurring then. Tomorrow is the day I get back on the bike. The snow is still around but I don’t anticipate any problems.