Gripping my horse!

Darned mechanical bits!! Three miles into the ride my saddle decides to play up and allows my fat derrière to shift the angle. Instead of it being slightly tilting downwards to the front it shifts angle completely and points to the sky and tilts backwards. This has the effect of moving my bum backwards thus adding a greater force to the rear of the saddle which results in re-inforcing the desire for the saddle to point to sky. I get off the bike in order to fix it. Not wanting to move, I have to get my allen keys out, remove the saddle bag and then undo the screw to allow me to switch the saddle back. With two pairs of gloves on, it wasn’t easy.

I eventually get it done and start cycling again. A couple of miles further down the road, or perhaps a different road, I feel the saddle shift again. SLy old dog that it is, it only shifts a couple of degrees but it is enough for me to feel and notice. Then another couple. Then another. Eventually, it is very noticeable but it seems to have reached a point where it stopped shifting. I decided I could live with it.

Nicely protected form the northerly wind, I eventually come around to Vets which is slightly uphill but a fast road nonetheless. Not today! With the saddle making me shift my weight backwards, this is definitely the wrong posture for climbing. It gets steeper as I approach the railroad track before I-495 and I begin cursing the saddle. After the Interstate, the road climbs again before beginning a nice descent. I find it easier to stand on the pedals but a red light puts paid to that idea. I reach the top and begin my descent. I am on Townline now and have only one little climb before the reaching my home street. What an uncomfortable ride it had been. Poor Trekkie!!

All the while, I am thinking of my yoga class as I grip my horse. Emily would be proud of me!!


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