Gradient Training – oof, sep

Ok, I got the indoor bike so I could practice slopes living on Long Island. Every time I am due to do a 20km ride on the bike, I am doing it indoors. I breakdown the ride into 2 miles at 5% gradient followed by 1 mile at 2% gradient and then back to 5%. After 12 miles, I do one mile staying in the 2% gradient.

It wasn’t too bad except for the last mile at 5%. It started to get tough and when I tried increasing the cadence to make the distance go quicker, I found myself running out of juice. I wanted to give up and either change the slope or change to a lower gear but I resisted the temptation. The distance does skip the occasional 1/100 of a mile but it is not like it is skipping 1/10 so it is a minor thing.

I tried setting up a workout using Cycleops poweragent software. It is terrible, or at least, I cannot figure it out. I tried setting up an interval and when I went to change the slope and the distance, there was no way I could “enter” the data. I tried pressing tab and return, clicked a few other buttons but nothing seemed to work. I did see a java error icon at the lower right of the form which was complaining about some null pointer so it may be that. Whatever it is, it is a pretty basic error and I have written to them saying after spending so much on the bike, I expected software that worked.

Anyway, the precedence has been set on my indoor training and I can only do the distance quicker. Right? 🙂


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