Swirling balls of grit

It was windy this morning. As I was putting on my boots and gloves in the kitchen, I looked up and saw the tree branches moving wildly in the wind. Yikes. I couldn’t discern from which direction the wind was coming from but I could see that it was strong.

I left the house, taking the new bike this morning, and set off on the 30km route I did Tuesday morning. As soon as I turned on to Smithtown Blvd, I could tell the wind was against me. That kind of meant it was not until I got to Vets that I would not get any benefit.

The trouble with wind, apart from it crushing the power in your legs, is that at this time of year, there is a lot of salt on the roads. I was cycling up Portion Road, on the new bike lane, no less, and I saw a golden ball of dust and sand coming towards me. I tucked my head in and felt the particles scrape across my cheeks. My face is the only exposed part of my body so it was the only place I felt it. Fortunately, it was the only occurrence of this.

After cycling down Patchogue Road and Broadway, I was on to Vets. Here, I thought I would get the benefit of the wind behind me. Nope. I could not feel it. I wasn’t sure which way it was coming from. But then I crossed Ocean and now I could feel the wind behind me. I was pushing 26mph going along Vets as I made my way to the Interstate. Now that’s the type of cycling I like!!

When I found myself back on Townline, I was back into the wind again and I toiled the last couple of miles. All in all, it was a nice ride and made even nicer with the new bike. I nearly beat the virtual buddy home. But poor Trekkie. At least I will go to Yoga on Trekkie tonight.


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