The Yoga Thursday Run

Thursdays are yoga days. When Alma doesn’t go, I cycle there. It is only ten minutes to get there so not too challenging on the old legs. The yoga feels wonderful and when those hamstrings are stretched, it is the most delicious of things. This Thursday coincided with a CTS training day. I haven’t blogged about them yet (I will) but during yoga, it was great to feel all the heaviness of the legs being drained. It was like turning on a tap. However, coming back along Townline, I was thinking of going out again in the morning but the further I went along Townline, I felt the energy in my legs disappear and reverted back to the idea of two days rest now. Next ride on Sunday and I have to change my schedule to incorporate the twice weekly CTS. With the first brevet next wekeend, I may only do one CTS next week. I’ll see how I am on the Sunday ride to see how I will be the following week.


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2 Responses to “The Yoga Thursday Run”

  1. Eric Says:

    Stupid question,what’s CTS?

    • Paul Murray Says:

      CTS stands for Carmichael Training System. Chris Carmichael managed the training of Lance Armstrong when he made his comeback a couple of years ago. Carmichael has developed an indoor training system based on power output and cadence. I am using it to develop climbing strength which on Long Island is probably the best I can do short of riding circles in Port Jefferson! They are pretty intensive sessions.

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