Shy boys only win coconuts

Training for the PBP is a lot of mental preparation. The physical side requires a lot of training but the only way I know to prepare mentally for it is to toughen my wimpy self up. This winter seems to have dragged on and on. It has affected my training and there have been days where I have not gone outside to cycle. However, with the first 200k brevet just seven days away, I cannot afford any more slippage. Today’s scheduled distance was 80km and even though I wanted to cut it short, I knew I couldn’t afford to. At least it was going to be a flat ride.

Before I left out of the house, I was starving and with nothing appropriate to eat, I grabbed a handful of candied ginger pieces and gobbled them down. Not sure if that was a good move as I felt like barfing a couple of times later on. Anyway, I got to 347 and saw a nice northerly wind. I was going to have a cross wind for forty miles and a nice head wind for a couple of miles as I crossed from 25A to Sound Avenue. I kept smelling food as I passed by all the fast food places. I kept seeing 99c Sausage Biscuits signs on every 7-11 I passed too. Hardly conducive to my low carb diet but I didn’t care. However, I did care enough to not stop and purchase anything. Another suck on the propel water was good enough to freeze my stomach into quietness.

I need to look at the map. I felt like I was going into a Westerly wind on the way back even though whenever I saw flags, they indicated a northerly wind. It wasn’t until I got to Southern with only two miles to go that I had a tail wind.

My legs felt heavy at times. This has persuaded me to only do one CTS session this week as I prepare for the 200k. I need to change saddles. I will switch the saddle with the Trek. This was the longest ride on the Specialized so far and the saddle does not feel comfortable enough for a long ride. I know I can get around with the Trek saddle. The saddle I won last year for sure is not appropriate. I am now in the market for a new saddle. Research begins. I am also in the market for a new drysuit and I found the one I want to get after the PBP has been completed. But that’s not about cycling so won’t be expanded on here. 😛


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3 Responses to “Shy boys only win coconuts”

  1. Keith Snyder Says:

    I trained today too, thinking about the April 3rd 200K coming up. I’m really tired of cold-weather riding. Even cut my ride short when I got to where I was looking forward to refilling my Thermos with something hot and discovered I’d left my cash and ATM card at home. Ended up doing 45 miles instead of 80, but I wasn’t about to do an 8-hour ride on nothing but 32°F Perpetuem.

    Oh well. At least the upcoming brevet is a flat one…

    • Paul Murray Says:

      That must have been depressing!! I heard yesterday that we are looking at temperatures of 60F next week. It will make a change but I think I have forgotten how to dress for 60F riding.

      • Keith Snyder Says:

        Wow. 56° and cloudy, according to Last I checked, Sunday was going to be another ice cube.

        That’s like… balmy.

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