The picture of a thousand words

If a picture paints a thousands words, how many seconds does a red light steal? You have the deceleration, the stopping, the waiting for the computer to realise you’ve stopped and then the acceleration. It has got to be a waste of twenty seconds, easily.

So today, no wind. I mean, zero wind. Flags weren’t fluttering in the breeze. Leaves weren’t even arustling [is that a legit word?]. So I went to beat my time of yesterday. I was ahead after doing the two short hills and then somehow I must have switched off because I came in twenty seconds behind. My mind goes back to the turn on to Motor Parkway. I was waiting for a car to pass in the opposite direction before I turned left but it kept slowing and slowing. I hadn’t realised the lights had changed so quickly and that he was stopping for a red light. I must have wasted a century or two there. Then a red light on Terry Road. I rarely hit that red light. It is the last one before home. It was stopped at this light that I began working out how much time difference a red light can make to a time.

But I think the main difference was yesterday’s top speed was 35mph. Today’s was only 31mph. I knew going down Motor Parkway I was not hitting top speed and I think that is the difference between a fast ride and a slow one. Wet roads must be making me more cautious going downhill. Oh well, tomorrow, I’ll go all out.


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