Crushing the bunny in my thighs

This morning it was tough to get out of bed. I finally opened my eyes, grabbed my watch, and prayed I saw a 7 dot something on its face. No such luck, 6:38. Time to get up and go cycling. As I passed the window at the top of the stairs, I saw frost on the garage tiles. Brrr. The thermometer in the kitchen reported an outside temperature of 37F.

So, finally making the move to go cycling, I was determined to beat both yesterday’s and Wednesday’s times. No wind again but, and more importantly, dry roads. No slacking off allowed. However, as I cycled along our street, the cold sapped the energy away from my legs.

The first check point, top of the first climb, I was twenty seconds ahead. Second check point, first long downhill, greater speed than yesterday’s max. My eventual top speed of the ride did not top Wednesday’s but I wasn’t to find that out until my second and fastest downhill section. My next checkpoint is the cross section of Terry and Old Nichols. Time was 46:xx which gave me seven minutes to get back to then house. The lights changed to green and I was off again and did not let up till I reached the front door and stop the timer. I had beaten Wednesday’s time by four seconds shy of two minutes.

I am pleased with the reaction of the cycling this week and needed to do speed-work. Not the speed-work that will win races but that will get me focussed on the long and gruelling season ahead.


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