Play Misty

If it was possible to have greater than 100% humidity, then today was that day. Even a downhill couldn’t clear the condensation from my glasses. As such, I had to remove them and put them in my pocket. It reminded me of scuba diving with a fogged mask.

Temperature was on the 50F mark. Hmmm, the usual layers or to brave it and go with less? I opted for the softer choice and went with what I had hanging on the line in the basement. That dries my clothes for the next ride and when they stink too much, I switch clothes layers!! I do go out with fresh shorts each time though. I was trying to beat Friday’s time but I failed by 22 seconds. I think back on the school bus that had its red lights flashing as I was pedalling like crazy going down Motor Parkway. That must have stolen some precious seconds as I practically same to a stop, it switched off the red lights as I approached, and had lost all momentum for the flat that followed.

Anyway, be back out tomorrow to beat that time. 🙂


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