Shedding the grub’s clothing

Last night I decided I was going to go out in cycling shorts only. Come rain or shine, wind or snow. Well, it was 55F and a light breeze. I didn’t feel up to going out in just a cycling shirt so I wore two tops but my legs were exposed for the first time. The layers had been shed.

It made a big, big difference. I was over a minute ahead at my first checkpoint and two minutes ahead after the second climb. I did notice that I wasn’t as fast going down Motor Parkway towards Old Nicholls, need to see how to improve on that. I got back in 46 minutes plus, almost seven minutes quicker than yesterday’s time. I am still three minutes down on my fastest time ever but at least my times are comparable to my peak last year. Just need to shed these last few pounds and I will be happy with my progress.

I had forgotten the reasons why I was behind in training. I was away for most of December and then in the middle of January I had an operation which kept me off the bike for over a month. So overall, it’s not too bad.


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One Response to “Shedding the grub’s clothing”

  1. Jesse Says:

    Cheers to Cycling in Shorts!

    Today was my first day too!

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