Just got back from Windy City

Boo. That’s all I want to say, boo! Where did the higher temperatures go to? I had already laundered my winter cycling clothes and put them away in drawers for the first time in months. Now I had to get them out again and don them once more.

I actually checked the weather last night. Windy and cold today or more windy but less cold on Sunday. Wind today was from the East and the wind tomorrow is from the SW. I chickened out and opted for a tail wind to end with; I went out today.

A new route was created today. Last weekend, Alma told me that on the Mt. Sinai Patchogue road, it is the highest point on Long Island. It looked like a long gentle climb up so I wanted to try it out. I actually think I had done it before but was not too sure. As such, it was a nice climb as climbs go. There was a cross wind at that point which helped to slow me down as I began the descent. It turned out to be a nice route. Only 30 miles but on semi decent surfaces for the most part.

Two bad incidents though during the ride. First, another puncture. I have no faith in the Specialized tyres and should have changed them before now. I have two brand new Bontrager Hardcases waiting to go on the wheels. So six miles into the ride I am thinking, “Do I have a puncture?” It wasn’t obvious but enough to make me wonder. I got off the bike and felt the tyre. Yup, a puncture. I quickly changed inner tubes. I checked the tyre but could not find anything poking through that would have caused the puncture. I was debating whether to make it a shorter ride at that point. I had another spare and because I was doing a circular, I wouldn’t be really increasing my distance from home, if I needed to walk. I proceeded as planned.

The second incident really got my goat! A STANLEY STEAMER van driver had an issue with the lane I was cycling in on 347. There were four lanes going East. The right most lane was a right turn only lane and as I was not turning right, I was not in the lane. The van driver beeped his/her horn a few times and the passenger wildly swung their arms around. They passed by me very close. There must have been inches in it. They got a lot of verbal from me and some hand action I am too polite to go into further details! I sent them an email thought I don’t expect a reply at all. We shall see. But it is drivers like that that should be banned from our roads.

Anyway, apart from that, it was a good ride.


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One Response to “Just got back from Windy City”

  1. Jeff Wanerman Says:

    I have had NO punctures on my Continental 4 season 700x28c tires on my 1984 Pinarello fixed gear bike after about 2000 miles. This includes some rough roads in Lloyd Harbor and two flattish centuries. Check out my blog at: http://www.jwanermanbikeblog.blogspot.com.
    Good luck at PBP.
    Jeff Wanerman

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