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A balancing act

18 June 2011

On both Wednesday and Thursday mornings, I sat up in bed and the room started spinning for a few seconds. It was so disconcerting that I made an appointment at the doctor’s to get it checked out. With cycling and scuba diving my two main activities, a loss of balance would not bode well with me. I got up early yesterday morning and sat by the back door with a nice cup of tea and reflected on the meaning of it all.

So I went to the doctor’s and he checked me out with his array of tools. He asked me to do some balancing acts and hand eye co-ordination exercises, all of which I successfully accomplished. He seemed quite satisfied that I did not have anything seriously wrong. I asked if I was able to go cycling and scuba diving still and he said if I was to go scuba diving that afternoon he would say no but for next week, sure, no problem. He seemed to think it was a temporary condition. I left, feeling a lot happier, but having to go back on Wednesday for a full medical check up. Last night as I went to lay down in bed, the room began spinning for a few seconds. That was new as it had only happened sitting up before.

This morning, I gingerly sat up in bed and the room did not spin. I was so happy. I put on my cycling clothes and went out for a short spin. I did 21 miles or so and felt quite good. No funky movements of the road or cars so I was really, really pleased.

Next weekend I am to do my first scuba diving plunge of the year, at Ponquogue Bridge. Fingers crossed.


New pedals

6 June 2011

Basically, this was not an option after the mishap on the 400k. My left shoe got stuck on the pedal and I could not get it off. I resorted to removing the cleat from the right shoe (in case a similar fate befell that) and then having to “learn” how to come to a stop with my left foot still on the pedal. As I learned riding a bike in England, with the nearest kerbs on the lefthand side of the road, you learn to leave the right foot on the pedal and stand on your left foot. I still do that to this day so having to switch required a lot of thought. I fell on one occasion and bloodied my knee. 😦

Anyway, so I took the bike to the shop and bought new pedals. They were not cheap. However, they are heavenly. I am greatly looking forward to riding them Friday night through to Sunday morning. Roll on Sunday afternoon!!