PBP 2011 – Arrival into Paris

We arrived safely into Paris. It took some time to get out of JFK but with a westerly wind behind us, we raced over the Atlantic in quick time. The Airbus 320 has three cameras on board; one on the tail, one on the undercarriage and one on the nose and you could select to view what each camera was seeing. As the plane took off and landed, all the screens were showing the view from the tail camera – that was pretty neat.

Got through security with ease; makes US immigration seem like Fort Knox in comparison. Both pieces of luggage arrived safely though I noticed an inspection ticket tucked into on the straps and one of the straps was loose. That means they opened the bike box. I hope to god they packed the bike back well. I am waiting for it to arrive from the airport – it should be on the next bus when the San Francisco flight arrives.

The hotel is on the other side of Paris to the airport. I saw the Sacré Cœur and the Eiffel Tower from a distance. We went by the Stade de France which looks quite impressive. It is the home of both the football and rugby national teams.

Will be going out to explore but not sure if I should await the bike.


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One Response to “PBP 2011 – Arrival into Paris”

  1. wb416 Says:

    I am working with two Frenchman today here in the States. I asked them if they’d heard of the Tour De France or Paris-Brest-Paris event. They shrugged indifferently. How little do they realize what classic events are taking place in their country.

    Hope your mental prep and acclimation goes well. Good luck with your bike and it’s safe arrival!

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