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Electric shocks and needles

26 October 2011

So in this neverending quest to determine what is causing the tingling sensations in my fingertips, I went to an orthopaedic last week who then sent me for blood work and an EMG. I had the blood work done Monday morning after dropping Alma off at the train station. Three test tubes of blood was taken. I then went to the neurologist yesterday.

I was in the room for over an hour and they sent electric shocks through both my hands and forearms determining the locality of the problem. I was looking at the computer screen as they worked on my left hand and even though I saw lots of line charts, I had no idea how to interpret them and I had trouble seeing what they were seeing. I do remember thinking it looked like a nice GUI!

I soon got used to the electric shocks and my body no longer jumped each time I was zapped. Then the two of them went off to find the specialist. He came back and did some more electric zapping but did some lateral tests across my hands explaining to his two assistants how cyclists tend to have issues in places the general population wouldn’t. He asked if I had problems in my forearms, which I don’t, but I guess they must see a number of people using the tribars who have issues.

Then came the fun part. The needle!! The needle tests how the muscles work, or don’t work, in conjunction with the nerves. The first two piercings were not too bad but then he put the needle in the side of my palm running straight down from the little finger. That hurt. A lot! And when I had to work the little finger, it hurt even more. Moving on to the left hand, I was pleased when he did the side piercing first because when it was over, I knew there would be nothing as painful. By the time he had finished, I was beginning to feel a little feint. I know I have a high pain tolerance but that was pushing it. I for sure would crack if I was ever tortured.

So I have a follow up in the first week of November. In the meantime, I have been advised by the orthopaedic to stay off the bike, especially long rides. Does this mean I have done my last ever brevet series? Stay tuned…


Namaste for me and one for you

13 October 2011

Finally, after years of neglect, I got the not so old Specialized out for the short ride to Yoga. Of course it was raining out, and dark, so I had to prepare for that. And the tyres were a little bit soft. Could I find the connectors for my two rear side lights? Nope. Could not. I don’t know where they are. I found one broken one but it was of no use. That meant I had to put the big pannier on the back as that has the remaining light tied on. Then I had to thread the wiring for the dynamo light and with my fingers still not fully recovered from France, that was fiddly. I even had to go upstairs for my glasses so I could see the connector for the wire. Getting old really sucks!!

Finally I was ready to set off. This was my first exercise since the diet started Wednesday last week. Getting in shape for a triathlon next year so need to get down to a running weight which is a lot less than my cycling weight. Once half the weight has gone then I’ll start running a couple of times a week.

So, back on the bike. This was my second time out on the bike since France. I have done CTS a number of times but the bike is stationary and I don’t have to worry about my balance. Going down our street, I felt the fact that I hadn’t been on the road in a while with the darkness only highlighting the unfamiliarity. The legs took some time to get going and the diet, with its 1,000 calories per day max, made the legs feel heavy. However, I was soon back in the swing of things, if not exactly breaking any speed records.

Yoga was delicious. It was good to be back on the mat which had been rolled up and tied up with the belt ever since I got back from the last session in May. The stretches felt really, really good. My body needed them. More yoga!!

Coming back I have always gone more slowly than when I am going to yoga. It seems like my legs are still in namaste and don’t want to do any more work. Tough! They need to get me home.

I have missed cycling and will be climbing back on board again soon.