Steroids are not for androids

So, hopefully today was the last visit to the doctor’s regarding my hands. I had steroid injections in both wrists in the hope that this will fix the nerves and I’ll be able to grip those handlebars without issue. I can grip them now but I still have a tingling feeling in six fingers and one thumb.

I have been told to expect pain tonight after the injection so need to be prepared with painkillers handy. As the doctor iced my hand up, I said, “Uh oh, freezing my hand means it is going to hurt.” She did not comment on that but asked me politely to look away. I did to a certain extent but looked back to see the serum being pumped into my hand. Nice! I did the same for the following hand too. She had asked if I only wanted one hand doing and the other hand when I came in next. I asked if I would be able to drive still and she said, “Yes.” I told her to do them both.

I got a warm fuzzy feeling in my little and ring fingers on my left hand and fuzzy feelings in my index and middle fingers on the right. They also felt unusually hot. Such a strange sensation.

Anyway, fingers crossed. I have to phone her in two weeks to let her know how I am getting on. Hopefully this fixes them as the only course of action left is surgery. I haven’t asked what is involved in that!!


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One Response to “Steroids are not for androids”

  1. wb416 Says:

    Are you showing improvement yet?

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