A first ride for 2011

Unlike all my cycling buddies who had a nice ride at the weekend in not too low temperatures, I waited until the temperature had reached freezing before deciding to do my first ride of the year. It was not too cold though I had wrapped up well. I had almost forgotten how many layers to wear for 32F temperatures. I was concerned that I could not find the warmest balaclava and a sleepy Alma told me it was in the sunglasses drawer! Thanks, Alma!!

So I was out cycling on the roads. It was sometime before I realised what was different about a January ride – no salt on the roads! Normally we’d have had buckets of snow by now but this winter, nothing, zilch, nada. It made for good riding.

However, when I started climbing the landfill for the first time, I soon noticed what this diet is doing to me. A serious lack of energy. of course, I know I can keep climbing without energy as the PBP showed me but I had not even gone two miles! if I had been monitoring my time, which I wasn’t, and if I had glanced at the Garmin at the two mile mark, which I didn’t, I may have noticed that I was already two minutes behind. But I wasn’t so I wasn’t. πŸ˜‰ I was expecting my slowest time ever!

My hands have almost recovered. I am not sure that the injections I got into the tunnels fixed them but they are almost back to normal. Just a slight tingling which is nothing compared to how they were last year.

So what to do about the diet? I want to get down to a running weight and I think I need to lose another seven pounds. But I don’t have the energy to sustain a training programme on the bike as we only eat about 900-1000 calories per day. We’ll see how it goes and I may switch to the transition phase of the diet.

Pleased to be back on the bike.


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2 Responses to “A first ride for 2011”

  1. Keith Snyder Says:

    Wow, 900-1000 calories? I’d be dead.

    Welcome back to the sddle!

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