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Hill acceleration training

29 February 2012

This week I have switched to the Climbing Power workouts in the Carmichael Training Climbing Series. I remember this findly from last year. The workouts are really intense but provide great rewards. I attributed the dropping of a couple of cyclists on one of the hills in last year’s PBP to this training. They were drafting behind me and not willing to share the lead so on the next climb I pushed. These intervals are high intensity for two minutes and after one minute I heard them break as I continued the maximum effort on the second minute. Such sweet pleasure.

Anyway, yesterday, I ran out of steam on the 4th hill acceleration interval. With 15 seconds left of the workout, apart from the 8 minute recovery spin, I ran out of steam. It was all I could do to keep pedalling. Back to back sessions are only recommended for experience cyclists. I consider myself experienced, a bit, so wanted to see how I could do today. I like setting myself little goals like this. Today I was determined not to run out of steam.

By the 5th and 6th intervals of the first set, I was beginning to feel the effort. A five minute recovery spin did not bring my heart rate back down to below 109 which it was yesterday. The first hill acceleration was toughened out and I did not make a full recovery. Was even worse than yesterday. This workout is designed not to allow full recovery between intervals. The second and third intervals went by and I was really feeling drained. The 4th, the last, one came and I was bound and determined not to run out of steam. I kept pushing myself and managed the final 30 seconds without running out of steam. My heart rate was in the high 170s.

It had been tough but I really liked it. Day off tomorrow!


Back to back, they faced each other

14 February 2012

Relax, there were no drawing of swords in the CTS training this week!

This morning, I got up and dressed for another CTS. The first Gu I opened up reflected the ambient temperature of the garage and it was thick in nature. Normally the Gu is more gooey. I eat two packets of Gu; one before the ride and another at the mid-point between the second and third intervals. I also have a Gu energy drink – one packet dissolved in water. I have thought about increasing the calorie intake for the days I do a CTS but I am seeing if I can get by with just these extra 300 calories. It still makes my total calories for the day around 1300.

It took a while for the Cycleops computer to pick up the bike. Without any recognition by the computer, I cannot control the resistance of the bike. It took some frustrating minutes to get this finally to pick up. Not sure what is going on with that. I checked for a firmware upgrade afterwards but it is up to date. Hmmm.

So I finally got going and I have to say that I felt comfortable on the bike once the intervals began. During the warm up I had felt a little heavy legged but that disappeared as soon as they were warm. I was pleased that the second consecutive day was not miserable. There is a difference between last year’s sessions and this. I had the slope at 1.5% then, I only have it at 1.0% currently. I will need to change that up to 1.5% when I next do my CTS on Thursday.

Overall, felt really good and think I should have no problems with the 3 State 3 Mountain challenge.

3 State 3 Mountain ride

13 February 2012

This year I shall be doing the 3 State 3 Mountain bike ride with some fellow cycling enthusiasts from Florida. It is an event I am looking forward to even though it is only a 100 miles!! The 3 mountains get steeper and finishes with an 18-20% climb. They fail to mention the distance at that grade so I guess I need to up the CTs training as I get nearer the date. It is the first week of May and begins in Chattanooga, TN. I think it is ten years since I have been to Chattanooga so I hope I remember the way!!

Training coming along nicely

13 February 2012

Still stuck on the 160 lb mark – it feels like I am further away from the goal of 154 lbs. I have not been sticking to the diet rigidly so that may have something to do with it. I was shopping in Trader Joe’s today and I badly wanted to grab a wedge of brie. As it turned out, I didn’t and stuck to just buying vegetables and meat.

This morning I had another CTS session. Last week I did base miles for three of the mornings. It seemed to have made a difference as the CTS session this morning felt less difficult. I am not going to put it was easier as none of them are easy but I had no need to change to an easier gear for the third and fourth intervals. I stayed in the same gears for all four intervals. That’s an improvement! Normally after a CTS session I am peckish all day but today I have resisted the urge and have stuck to the diet other than the carb loading around the time of exercising.

I shall be doing another CTS session in the morning. This will be the big test to see if I have the energy levels for two in a row. I was doing it at the height of my training last year and if I can do it this early into the year, it would be awesome.