Back to back, they faced each other

Relax, there were no drawing of swords in the CTS training this week!

This morning, I got up and dressed for another CTS. The first Gu I opened up reflected the ambient temperature of the garage and it was thick in nature. Normally the Gu is more gooey. I eat two packets of Gu; one before the ride and another at the mid-point between the second and third intervals. I also have a Gu energy drink – one packet dissolved in water. I have thought about increasing the calorie intake for the days I do a CTS but I am seeing if I can get by with just these extra 300 calories. It still makes my total calories for the day around 1300.

It took a while for the Cycleops computer to pick up the bike. Without any recognition by the computer, I cannot control the resistance of the bike. It took some frustrating minutes to get this finally to pick up. Not sure what is going on with that. I checked for a firmware upgrade afterwards but it is up to date. Hmmm.

So I finally got going and I have to say that I felt comfortable on the bike once the intervals began. During the warm up I had felt a little heavy legged but that disappeared as soon as they were warm. I was pleased that the second consecutive day was not miserable. There is a difference between last year’s sessions and this. I had the slope at 1.5% then, I only have it at 1.0% currently. I will need to change that up to 1.5% when I next do my CTS on Thursday.

Overall, felt really good and think I should have no problems with the 3 State 3 Mountain challenge.

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