A new Randonneuring group

As I am going to resurrect this blog I thought it worthy of note to say that I am now the RBA (regional brevet administrator) for Long Island Randonneurs. Yes, this is a new group that we (ok, just me to date) have formed. Rusa (Randonneurs USA) have allowed us to hold two events next year so we shall be running a 200k in April and 300k in June. I am really excited by this and am busy creating the website. When I publish it, I shall post a link of course.

I’ll write separate postings on the two rides we are going to be holding.

W00t! W00t!


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4 Responses to “A new Randonneuring group”

  1. Keith Snyder Says:

    Oh, too cool! Not having to go to Princeton for brevets? AWESOME!

  2. E Says:

    Always wanted to try one.Now I’ll have no excuse.

  3. john Says:

    What kind of elevation will there be on these rides?

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