New Year, another resurrection.

I am really looking forward to the upcoming year. I will be cycling LEL which is 200k further than PBP. In addition, Long Island will be hosting its first two brevets, a 200k and 300k.


5 Responses to “New Year, another resurrection.”

  1. Hamish Says:

    I hear LEL filled up in record time. Did you get in ok?

    • Paul Murray Says:

      Unfortunately I didn’t. I had some LEL/PayPal problems when trying to sign up and couldn’t finish registration. By the time I awoke in the morning, it was all sold out.

      • Hamish Says:

        Ow, that must be a disappointment when it is your big plan for the year. We have a couple of 1200s scheduled here in Australia this year but nothing with quite the landmarks of London and Edinburgh.

      • Paul Murray Says:

        Yup, it was. There is still plenty of things to do though. I may look for a 1,000k this year just to complete the set from 200k to 1200k.

      • Paul Murray Says:

        Good news, I got into the event via the waiting list. Stoked, I think!

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