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Sammamish River Kirkland Circular

20 February 2014

So, looking for a regular route to do, as I had in New York, I created the Sammamish River Kirkland Circular.  It is roughly 23 miles and I feel it is a good distance for a daily route until I start commuting for the elusive job I’ll be getting soon. 😀

Of course, we happen to live near the top of a climb so most rides will start off with a descent and end with a climb.  The route takes me down to Sammamish River which has a bike path running alongside of it.  The bike path is about 10 miles long and it then moves on Burke Gilman Trail which takes me another mile or two before hitting the roads again.

Once I hit the roads, there is a two mile climb (roughly) of category 4. The second red light marks the end of the climb and the third red light marks the beginning of a descent.  After follows a short bump to Kirkland town centre and once through there, the climb back up to Redmond.

Yesterday, I could not cross Redmond Way to take my left turn and ended up going right, doing a U-turn and then a straight over at the light.  Also, coming up from Kirkland on NE 85th, as I approached I-405, I half expected to be hit from behind from crossing traffic.  I wasn’t but the feeling was there.  Due to this, I modified the route to take a different approach to the Sammamish River Trail and a different route up to Redmond.

The new approach to the trail was not good.  I found another trail that would get there if I climbed up to 132nd Ave but to my surprise, the descent to the trail was either riding down a scree path of walking down a load of steps.  I opted to walk and carry my bike.  The trail itself was not that great so I’ll be going back down Redmond Way.

The return was much better though it is steeper.  My legs felt it today.  It took me above I-405, literally, so I didn’t have to worry about that traffic coming on and off.  That part will stay.

Was slower today than yesterday. 😦


Washington State – a cyclist’s dream or nightmare?

13 February 2014

We moved to Washington State from New York.  I am preparing to complete my first ever Washington series of brevets but first I need to get fit.  After the damage I did to my hands on LEL, I have been off the bicycle for a long time, doing just a handful of rides since August.  I am overweight!  The hands feel good now so I shall begin my training on the bike path that runs alongside the Sammamish River.  However, I have a nice climb at the end of the ride as I have to get back to our house which is up Redmond Way!

I shall report on how my first ride goes.