About me

This is the first time I have tried anything as insane as this.  Yes, that even includes jumping out of a plane and diving from a crane over the River Thames with nothing attached to me other than a rope!

The PBP is a Paris to Brent back to Paris ride that will take place in August 2011.  The distance of the ride is 1200km/ 745.6 miles.  Riders have 90 hours in which to complete the ride.  The 90 hours includes sleeping time.  To qualify for the race, riders need to complete rides in 2010 and the longer the ride they complete in 2010 the earlier they can apply for the PBP.  I shall be doing a series of 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km by the end of June this year (2010).  If I complete the 600km ride, I can apply for the PBP ride two weeks earlier than those who only completed a 400km.  The incentive is definitely there as places are being limited for 2011.

So is this the Mt. Everest for cyclists?  Well, I do the usual century ride or two each year.  A couple of years ago, I decided to see if I could do a ride with minimal training.  I was twenty pounds heavier than what I am now yet I still completed the ride.  Some small part of me wished I hadn’t finished as I would have proven to myself that I need to train for long rides.  But that was not to be.  So as I was browsing one night on the web, I came across Randonneuring.  As I read more and found the next PBP was in 2011 and qualifying rides were in 2010, it seemed fate had decided that I would have to do this.  Hence the reason – FATE!

I am taking the training for this seriously.  I shall be maintaining riding condition throughout the winter and will be ready to step up a gear in March.  The first 200km is at the end of April 2010.  I have ridden further than a 200km ride so I shall only be in new territory once I start and complete the 300km.

As this page is supposed to be about me, I am a 47 years of age and hail from England though currently living here on Long Island, NY.  I have been riding two wheeled bicycles since I was six when I would ride around on friends’ bikes.  I got my first bike, second-hand, when I was eight and loved it.  I got my first “racer” when I must have been twelve or thirteen.  I had thought I was getting a snooker table but was more than pleased with the actual gift – five gears!  I have since had many bikes, all bought second-hand and have either crashed them or had them stolen.  I finally bought myself a new road bike five years ago, having spent the previous decade on  mountain bike.  As much as I love the mountain bike, the road bike is the main passion.  Nothing beats cycling through mountains or busy streets full of traffic.  I love them both though I do bitch about steep hills and badly programmed red lights!

Anyway, this is a little insight into me.  I hope you can follow my blog for the next twenty months or so.  I also hope I can write for so long.  I won’t write every day but I’ll try to write after each training session and hopefully make it entertaining.



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