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Yoga, huh, what is it good for?

14 April 2011

Those deep forward lunges had my thighs burning tonight. I honestly thought they were cooking but I loved the feeling I was getting from them too. Maybe I shouldn’t go so deep. I am not the deepest in the class by a long shot so I do have some way to go. Happy Baby pose was very happy tonight.

Cycling back from the class my legs felt very heavy. All I could think of was the ride in the morning on Trekkie. I am going for a fast spin down Motor Parkway – hope my legs are up for it!!


Yoga at home

18 January 2010

Due to it being Martha Luther King day (does anyone, apart from the schools and the postie have the day off?), Yoga was cancelled this evening so Alma conducted a private lesson in our living room. She pushed me harder than the beginner classes we are attending and by the time we came to Savasana, I was ready to snore all through my meditation. 😛 I think we are going to try a hot yoga session on Wednesday evening.

No bike ride this morning – weather was pretty bad, driving rain and a howling wind. Prospects look good for the morning however.

Yoga – feel the force within

4 January 2010

This was my first ever yoga session.  It is something I have always wanted to do but never did.  I was greatly looking forward to it and I was not disappointed.  I was the only man in the class but as I was at the front I did not notice this much.  From Siddhasana to Savasana it was a pleasant experience.  When we came up slowly, one vertebra at a time, from the bent over poses, I was reminded of the Mime classes I took back in my 20s.  The teacher remarked on one of my postures, in a positive way, but I did not let it go to my head.  I had a bit of trouble with Vrksasana when only balancing on my right foot.

I am looking forward to the next few Mondays as we repeat the classes.  I enjoyed it so much I went to check out where they have hot yoga and I found a place that does it Wednesday nights.  I would like to try that out!!

Training at Ballys

24 December 2009

Ok, with all the snow we have had fallen, I have not been able to get out on the roads.  My back wheel is still a problem so I resorted to going to the gym.  I found one of the stationary bikes available and programmed in a short 20km ride with a random hill climb on a 12 setting.  How hard could it be?  Wow, it was tough.  Continuous pedalling to boot!  I knew I had been in a session once it had finished.  Come on snow, leave already. (Don’t I sound old?  I love the snow!)