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Staying motivated

14 February 2010

When it snows ten inches and the roads are only partially ploughed, it makes it a not too difficult decision, safety-wise, to stay inside and train. However, continuous indoor training leads to cabin fever and I itch to be back outside cycling on the roads.  The comes along the Winter Olympics…  I have switched the training to afternoons so I can watch the Winter Olympics live and cycle at the same time.  It keeps the motivation up to continue training if there is something pleasant about the cycling. (more…)


What’s your cycling rhythm to Abba?

11 February 2010

Ten inches of snow fell since Tuesday evening so it was no surprise that I have not been cycling outside.  I didn’t go cycling yesterday preferring to get acquainted to a couple of bottles red. 😉  We did clear the driveway between snow fronts so worked out a little there.  Today was back on the indoor trainer.  Rather than cycling to music videos on MTV or VH-1 I went for a movie – Mama Mia of them all.  Really the choice was very limited.  And I couldn’t really get a rhythm going to the songs – just not perfect pedalling tunes.  I must say that the time seemed to pass by quickly however the pace was not as quick as it has been when cycling indoors.  I was half thinking that I had tightened up the flywheel too much and the friction was heavier than normal but who knows.  I will see if I can adjust that tomorrow.  I don’t think I’ll be back outside before next week yet.  Maybe in time for President’s Day.

Back indoors

25 January 2010

The weather was pretty bad today, howling winds and driving rain.  I got ready to start cycling indoors when I noticed that the Garmin was not picking up the heart rate monitor.  We had no spare batteries so I changed and went out to get some from the local shop.  They had none.  I finally found some at the third shop and I bought enough for all our devices.  However, by the time I got back home it was too late to start training and to shower before work started.  Work kept me occupied all day so I couldn’t nip on the bike at lunchtime and I ended up doing 20km just before yoga this evening.  The yoga was a nice work out on the muscles after the ride.  Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow.

Going stir crazy

6 January 2010

I took a break yesterday from cycling indoors and had the day off (not from work).  I was back on the bike again this morning and I am not liking this at all.  It seems to be getting tougher.  My leg muscles felt cold which didn’t help.  I am going to go out at lunchtime to see if the roads are safe to cycle.

More of the same…

4 January 2010

Back again watching the music videos in the family room and cycling 20km. Seemed tougher than yesterday.  Doh!

Pedalling, pedalling and more pedalling.

3 January 2010

Not wanting to go to the gym just to sit on a stationary bike there, I decided to use the fixed front wheel trainer in the family room and watch MTV or VH1 music videos.  I had just been using the GPS on the Garmin to track mileage so needed to fix the cadence sensor first.  I had to borrow the battery from Alma’s cadence sensor which we have not put on her bike yet.  As she is running and not cycling during winter that doesn’t cause a problem just yet.

So I set off on the “ride”.  It was tough.  Out on the roads, riding is a mixture of hard effort followed by rewards when you can freewheel down hills.   But riding on the trainer is constant pedalling.  No bonus, as I call it, of freewheeling.  I noticed it more when a not so good video came on or the commercials.  It seemed like a long hard slog but I eventually did the 20km.