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14 September 2010

I am actually doing some cross training!  And it is running, of all things.  The last time I ran, apart from for a bus, was probably back at school when we were forced to do cross country which I hated.  Anyway, I promised Alma that I would do a 5k with her after she has supported me throughout all the weekends in New Jersey.  The 5k is on October 23rd so we have began training.

We did our first run on Sunday and again this morning.  We are just running 2.25 miles which incorporates two loops of the park – next week we increase the number of loops.  It is not too bad, if the truth be told.  I have been concerned about my knee which I damaged playing football/soccer back in England.  After running the first half mile, the initial shock tends to disappear.  I found I actually like running up hills.  Go figure!

I shall be alternating the days between running and cycling.  Yoga starts again in October – yippee!  I am back on the short cycling routes in the mornings now though I think I will keep the reversed route as there is less freewheeling.  Ironman here I come!! 😀