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Weather watching France

6 August 2011

    Saturday 6th August

Paris: rain, temp 63F
Brest: rain and shine, temp 63
Loudeac: rain and shine, temp 63


Wind advisory…

19 February 2011

I am so fickle!!

As I was going to bed last night I thought, “By ‘eck, that’s a strong wind.” I checked the SBRA website to see if the ride was still on this morning and saw that one of them is being reconsidered due to the wind advisory. Wind advisory? What wind advisory? I Binged (will that ever catch on?) the weather and sure enough, a wind advisory in effect until tomorrow morning – gusts up to 65 mph.

I am off to make a nice cup of tea – the perfect antidote to a wind advisory. I have a bum rash anyway due to me using my cycling shorts which I had not washed since my last ride. I am cringing at the thought of all that bacteria crawling around and living on nothing for a month and then “Hello, boys, a feast fit for a king!!”

I’ll go for a ride tomorrow instead.

Driving Rain and Howling Winds

30 March 2010

It has been raining all night long and the roads are flooded.  It is with the greatest regret that I am cancelling today’s training ride.  I think it is supposed to stop raining tomorrow afternoon so I may not even get a chance of going out tomorrow morning.

What’s this?

3 February 2010

I woke to find the roads looking like this…

Snow covered roads

How am I supposed to go cycling this morning?  Boo!!  I never thought I would ever say I don’t want to see snow but I guess here I am and saying that, I don’t want to see snow this morning.  The temperature is around 27F so hopefully it will rise a few degrees and be gone by lunchtime.  If not, I will go cycling in the den.