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Frenchtown Practice ride

22 March 2010

Before anyone complains, I have forgotten everyone’s names already…  I do remember Jud, Leroy, Laurent and Rick as I knew their names before I even met them.  Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get to remember them soon.

Alma and I travelled down to Frenchtown the night before and stayed at Widow McCrae’s B&B.  I didn’t know until Sunday morning that the place was supposed haunted and could be the reason for the strange dream I had on Friday night.  But that story is for another blog site not one on cycling. 😛  I had brought with me shorts and a short sleeved jersey – it was going to be high temperatures but it was quite cold first thing in the morning.  Alma got ready for running and I headed off.  I was cold cycling down to the starting point.  I had forgotten my gloves but fortunately I phoned the cycle shop in town on the Friday just as they were closing and they said they would stay open for me if I made it down there in the next fifteen minutes.  That was nice of them so they get a big plug and a photo!!  Well done, Cycle Corner!!

Cycle Corner bike shop

Cycle Corner bike shop



Conquered Adamic Hill Road

20 March 2010

I have to say, I think this was my steepest climb ever!!  And hopefully the video captured every single second of it.  I’ll find out once I get back home tomorrow.  It was a great experience and I will write more about it tomorrow.  Just keeping everyone updated on how the ride went.  I did get a puncture but caught up with everyone at the rest stop.  I only had time for half a sandwich before it was time to leave again.  It was a great experience and I could see that all the training paid off.  Still more training is required for the longer rides and now I need to build up my resistance.