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Woohoo, won a saddle!

23 July 2010

Just got an email from MapMyRide to say that I won an FLX Men’s Saddle from Terry Bicycles.  I think it was a random drawing and not because I had the best performance on the day.  I’ll take the saddle regardless.  I am hoping it arrives in time for the 300k in September. (more…)


Bike Candy 2

8 July 2010

Ok, here is what the front end of the bike looked like for the Cranbury 600k.  There was a lot of equipment and even though I didn’t need the iPhone, the odometer and, I was going to write, the spare headlight but I did need it, redundancy had a feel good factor to it. (more…)

New bike candy

13 May 2010

With the Hightstown 400km ride coming up in a couple of weeks, I had to do something about lighting.  The ride starts at 4am on the Saturday and must be finished by 7am on the Sunday.  If I reckon on 5 hours per 100km, I will be riding 20 hours and of those 20 hours, I am guessing six will be during dark hours.  That is if things go to plan and I ride continuously. (more…)

Bike Candy

12 January 2010

Ok, not really bike candy but I am looking for a practical solution to lights.  I have been reading about dynamo hubs – these are new to me and I have been dreaming of dynamo lighting for a while.  I remember the sidewall dynamos well as I had one back in England.  I would be left in the dark whenever I came to a stop so always remembered to have a battery powered rear light switched on at the same time.  I was surprised to learn that they now make dynamo hubs.  I am looking at the Schmidt Nabendynamo supplied by Peter Whites.  I have yet to decide on the lighting system.  I am tempted by Dahon BioLogic ReeCharge.  This attaches to the dynamo and provides a charging station for USB devices.  This could be useful for both the iPhone and the Edge 705 on the longer rides.  I wonder if anyone has experience of this.