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CTS field test – who opened the gate?

26 January 2012

Still on the diet and still only 161 pounds I dusted down the old Cycleops and prepared to do the CTS field test for the year. Bearing in mind, cycling has been extremely limited since the PBP, training for the year has commenced.

I had a Gu before starting the warm up which consisted of ten minutes easy pedalling and then high tempo and easy pedalling one minute/ 2 minute intervals. After the warm up comes 8 minutes of sustained pedalling trying to maximise power output but keeping cadence above 90 rpm. I started off in gear 8 but in under a minute I realised I was not going to sustain that pace and dropped a gear to 9. Again, rpm started dropping so a changed down gears one more notch to 10. I kept at this level but my power dropped. I stayed around the 90 rpm with the occasional dip below followed by a concerted effort to climb back up. The 8 minutes couldn’t finish soon enough.

Then ten minutes of easy pedalling enjoying another Gu in the middle of it. After the ten minutes were up, another power interval of 8 minutes. I started at gear 9 but could not sustain that beyond 3 minutes and I dropped to level 10. I kept that for the remainder of the interval but it was tough. I dug deep but I could feel the energy draining. I was running on empty for a lot of the interval. Finally it came to an end and I finished up with 15 minutes of easy pedalling.

I had been expecting it to be tough but not that tough. When I downloaded the data to the Mac, I found the last CTS field test I did and saw that my average power had dropped by 29 watts. Interestingly, my average heart rate was the same. This means my CTS sessions will be less demanding initially but I shall be aiming to do another field test in 4 weeks. I think I have one month of the diet left and hopefully I’ll have lost the seven expected pounds so I can weigh in a 154 lbs. I am currently at my lowest weight for a long, long time but it feels like the 160 barrier has been threatening to be broken since before Xmas. Too many days off since then requires a concerted effort to reach my weight goal.

Not sure when my next ride will be. I think tomorrow will be too soon so perhaps Saturday morning.


Gradient Training – oof, sep

9 March 2011

Ok, I got the indoor bike so I could practice slopes living on Long Island. Every time I am due to do a 20km ride on the bike, I am doing it indoors. I breakdown the ride into 2 miles at 5% gradient followed by 1 mile at 2% gradient and then back to 5%. After 12 miles, I do one mile staying in the 2% gradient.

It wasn’t too bad except for the last mile at 5%. It started to get tough and when I tried increasing the cadence to make the distance go quicker, I found myself running out of juice. I wanted to give up and either change the slope or change to a lower gear but I resisted the temptation. The distance does skip the occasional 1/100 of a mile but it is not like it is skipping 1/10 so it is a minor thing.

I tried setting up a workout using Cycleops poweragent software. It is terrible, or at least, I cannot figure it out. I tried setting up an interval and when I went to change the slope and the distance, there was no way I could “enter” the data. I tried pressing tab and return, clicked a few other buttons but nothing seemed to work. I did see a java error icon at the lower right of the form which was complaining about some null pointer so it may be that. Whatever it is, it is a pretty basic error and I have written to them saying after spending so much on the bike, I expected software that worked.

Anyway, the precedence has been set on my indoor training and I can only do the distance quicker. Right? 🙂