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Hill acceleration training

29 February 2012

This week I have switched to the Climbing Power workouts in the Carmichael Training Climbing Series. I remember this findly from last year. The workouts are really intense but provide great rewards. I attributed the dropping of a couple of cyclists on one of the hills in last year’s PBP to this training. They were drafting behind me and not willing to share the lead so on the next climb I pushed. These intervals are high intensity for two minutes and after one minute I heard them break as I continued the maximum effort on the second minute. Such sweet pleasure.

Anyway, yesterday, I ran out of steam on the 4th hill acceleration interval. With 15 seconds left of the workout, apart from the 8 minute recovery spin, I ran out of steam. It was all I could do to keep pedalling. Back to back sessions are only recommended for experience cyclists. I consider myself experienced, a bit, so wanted to see how I could do today. I like setting myself little goals like this. Today I was determined not to run out of steam.

By the 5th and 6th intervals of the first set, I was beginning to feel the effort. A five minute recovery spin did not bring my heart rate back down to below 109 which it was yesterday. The first hill acceleration was toughened out and I did not make a full recovery. Was even worse than yesterday. This workout is designed not to allow full recovery between intervals. The second and third intervals went by and I was really feeling drained. The 4th, the last, one came and I was bound and determined not to run out of steam. I kept pushing myself and managed the final 30 seconds without running out of steam. My heart rate was in the high 170s.

It had been tough but I really liked it. Day off tomorrow!


Princeton 200k Post scriptum

26 April 2011

I forgot to mention how all the electronics performed in the deluge. I had been concerned that the cache battery linked up to the dynamo hub may get waterlogged and any electronic gadget plugged into its USB port would subsequently get fried. As it turns out, the cache battery did not get waterlogged. Alma checked it after the ride and said it was slightly damp but not wet. That was good news. The bad news, in a way, was that I had forgotten to switch it on. Whilst it was being charged from the rotation of the front wheel, the bike computer was not being charged as I had not got it switched on. Fortunately for me, I had about an hour’s charge left on the computer when I finished. For the 300k, I definitely need to remember to switch it on once I turn the lights off after dawn.

Bike Candy 2

8 July 2010

Ok, here is what the front end of the bike looked like for the Cranbury 600k.  There was a lot of equipment and even though I didn’t need the iPhone, the odometer and, I was going to write, the spare headlight but I did need it, redundancy had a feel good factor to it. (more…)

Cranbury 600k – the ride

29 June 2010

I don’t think we even skirted Cranbury never mind pedalling one stroke in that wee town.  The start of the Cranbury 600k was switched to the Days Inn in Hightstown mainly because they could accommodate such a sizeable group and the fact that when we began the Cranbury 200k, a local neighbour had complained so much about us taking their parking spaces on a Sunday morning.  So we began in Hightstown. (more…)

Dynamo hub arriving

21 May 2010

Woo hoo, the new wheel arrives on Tuesday. I’ll be out cycling Tuesday night, I guess, to test it out!!

Bike Candy

12 January 2010

Ok, not really bike candy but I am looking for a practical solution to lights.  I have been reading about dynamo hubs – these are new to me and I have been dreaming of dynamo lighting for a while.  I remember the sidewall dynamos well as I had one back in England.  I would be left in the dark whenever I came to a stop so always remembered to have a battery powered rear light switched on at the same time.  I was surprised to learn that they now make dynamo hubs.  I am looking at the Schmidt Nabendynamo supplied by Peter Whites.  I have yet to decide on the lighting system.  I am tempted by Dahon BioLogic ReeCharge.  This attaches to the dynamo and provides a charging station for USB devices.  This could be useful for both the iPhone and the Edge 705 on the longer rides.  I wonder if anyone has experience of this.