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Speedy Gonzales

23 May 2012

I am a happy cyclist today. I just beat my track record which was set back in 2010. And, I beat it by 32 seconds. That’s all. ūüôā


Feeling a little deflated?

22 May 2012

Yesterday, I got my first puncture in a long while. Ever since switching to the Bontrager Hard Case Lites I have not suffered a puncture out in the field, as it were. I think it was on the Frenchtown practice ride back in 2010 that I got my last puncture. So to get one on a local ride means it is time for new tyres.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day for riding. A very slight breeze, maybe too light to be even considered a breeze, coming from the East. I was finally out in short sleeves so the temperature at 6am was nice. Sunday had been a hot day and I got a little burned working in the back garden wearing just a vest. So I was looking for a faster time as I was not wearing a layer that would add air resistance.

My first checkpoint is after 2 miles, once I get to the top of Hoffman Lane, to the West of the landfill. 8:15 minutes is a good time to get there but I am normally around 8:30 – 8:45. From my time there, I can usual gauge how the rest of the ride will go, especially if I can discern the direction of the wind, if there one. Yesterday’s split was 7:49. I could barely believe it. That’s a great split. Of course, when I get a split like that, you know there is not going to be any letting up. My next split is when I come back to Motor Parkway after climbing Blydenburg Rd. I got there in 18:58. Under 20 is a great time there so I was very pleased to see 18 at the front.

The rest of the ride was going well. I got up to 37+ going down Motor Parkway and it has been a while since I have gotten that fast. Normally, with layers, it is about 32/33mph. So I was maintaining the pace, if not actually increasing it. Nipping down Terry, where I was briefly dismayed having gotten behind a school bus which put on its red stop lights, then along Johnson to Ocean Avenue and back up to the start of Motor Parkway, I got there in 36 minutes. Normally I think 38 is a fast time. By now I am sure I am challenging for my best ever time around this route. I got my second best time ever last week, down two minutes on the all time fastest, but I was almost two minutes faster on that time already.

I was zipping around the lake when I got the feeling that my back tyre was flat. You can tell straight away. It is a feeling of harmony with the bike and you can tell when the wheel behaves out of character. I checked the tyre and it was deflating. I slow wheeled around to a safer place to change the tyre. As I was trying to inflate the spare a little before tucking it under the tyre, I couldn’t discern any air coming out of the inflator. No! It’s broke? Couldn’t be! But it was. I tucked the tube inside the tyre, popped the tyre back into the rims and tried inflating the tube. Nothing. I disassembled the inflator, wondering, hoping it was just dirt. Put it back together and felt a little air. I twisted the inflator a little more and felt more air come out. It was going to be enough to allow me to limp home rather than go all out.

I decided to take a different route as I had given up on the fast ride and I nearly got lost. I knew I was in the triangle between Motor Parkway, Ocean Avenue and Old Nichol’s but where in that triangle I was, I couldn’t tell. I decided to head east, after coming to two dead ends as I was bound to hit either Motor Parkway or Old Nichol’s. Fortunately, I came out on to Old Nichol’s and from there, I found Townline which leads to home.

So it could have been a fast ride, a very fast ride, but it wasn’t to be. However, I think it is indicative that I am feeling strong which is just as well as I have a 400k on Saturday and then the big ride of the year, the PA 600k the following weekend.

Baby, it’s cold outside

14 April 2011

I stood outside in my long pyjamas to see if I could gauge how cold 48F was. It didn’t seem that bad. Stick with the shorts. Ok, I did put on two long sleeved tops – I am not that crazy. I went out with the bike and thought, “Ooh, it’s a tad cold!” Did I come back in for leggings? No, I did not.

The first climb warmed me up but when I was flying down the first downhill I realised how cold it was. The second climb fully warmed me up. I still cannot descend Motor Parkway fast. I think I am topping 33mph when normally I am approaching 40mph. I am not sure what is slowing me down. I think my approach is up there. I may take the Trek out tomorrow to see if it’s me or the bike.

Today I wanted to beat Tuesday’s time. I was really pushing it. I think I was on target. COnsidering I ended up being four seconds slower, I definitely was on target. What slowed me down? I got stuck behind a school bus coming back down Motor Parkway. Nightmare scenario. A bus on the other side of the road only makes you stop once, a bus on the same side makes you stop every time. I had to stop twice and pedalled really slowly. I think I could have cracked the time by a minute. I’ll never know.

Anyway, I think I have done enough speed work. I need to get some miles under my belt so I’ll be back on the longer rides next week.

Shedding the grub’s clothing

12 April 2011

Last night I decided I was going to go out in cycling shorts only. Come rain or shine, wind or snow. Well, it was 55F and a light breeze. I didn’t feel up to going out in just a cycling shirt so I wore two tops but my legs were exposed for the first time. The layers had been shed.

It made a big, big difference. I was over a minute ahead at my first checkpoint and two minutes ahead after the second climb. I did notice that I wasn’t as fast going down Motor Parkway towards Old Nicholls, need to see how to improve on that. I got back in 46 minutes plus, almost seven minutes quicker than yesterday’s time. I am still three minutes down on my fastest time ever but at least my times are comparable to my peak last year. Just need to shed these last few pounds and I will be happy with my progress.

I had forgotten the reasons why I was behind in training. I was away for most of December and then in the middle of January I had an operation which kept me off the bike for over a month. So overall, it’s not too bad.

Just “miking” along

14 August 2010

Last weekend I didn’t cycle. ¬†I think it is the first weekend in ages where I haven’t done a ride. ¬†Well, discount the wedding anniversary weekend of course. ¬†I did Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, just the short routes around Lake Ronkonkoma, and got up late on both Thursday and Friday. ¬†So today was a 55 mile ride out to the North Fork and back. ¬†It’s been the fastest 55 mile ride by two minutes but I would still like to break the 3 hour barrier. ¬†I was six minutes over. ¬†Next weekend, perhaps.

It was definitely fresh at 7:30am.  Autumn is on its way.  The sun was noticeably lower down as well.  My bones are beginning to groan at the thought of putting those layers back on.  As it is, I am still in one layer and making the most of it.

There were sections of the road where there have been new bicycle symbols painted in the shoulders. ¬†I had noticed two weeks ago that they had written “BIKE” on the road where they wanted a symbol to go. ¬†This morning I saw two bike symbols very close together and smiled when I saw that one of had the word “Mike” written in white paint. ¬†It was title casing whereas all the others were in uppercase so I think someone just painted the word on the road to see what would happen. ¬†I wish I had thought of it!! ¬†Respect!

Three weeks to go until the 300k. ¬†It is a hilly one put I am not practicing on any hills. ¬†I think keeping the long ride on the weekends is sufficient training. ¬†I don’t think the saddle is going to arrive in time but you never know.

Tomorrow, Alma and I are going to cycle from Mattituck to Greenport where we will have lunch. ¬†It’ll be some more miles but at a slower pace. ¬†I think I may even take the 40D along.

Thirteen month mission – completed

4 August 2010

Well, since I started training for the PBP, I have rarely done the 22 mile circular which takes me around the neighbourhood streets.  There is little scope for fast stretches but there are a few downwards stretches where I can get over 30 mph.  Invariably, two of those stretches require constant pedalling against a westerly wind and one of the stretches, the longest one, produced a red light half way which I was not happy with having to stop.  Today I decided to do that route.  And today I finally broke the record I set last July.  I have not come close since switching to the slower tyres but today I smashed the record by two minutes.

I am going to jump in the pool before dinner but I just wanted to share my joy with everyone who stumbles across this.  It is hot and humid today and my face was caked in salt by the time I got home.

Will write later…

Still improving times

29 July 2010

My times for the regular routes are still coming down. ¬†I am finding the cycling easier to do and am upping the gears and as a result, I go faster for the same effort and my times improve. ¬†Every time I go out I tell myself that I am not going to be racing myself but I get to a certain point in the ride and that my average speed is up at that point so I press on. ¬†I am pleased about this effort but not sure where and when I will peak. ¬†My average speed was 18.9 mph which does not seem a lot but it is up by a lot for the year. ¬†It’ll be interesting to see how the winter rides compare. (more…)

A quick shortie

3 May 2010

The alarm went off at 6 o’clock this morning and once it had been quickly silenced, all I could hear was not the pitter patter of April showers but the crashing of raindrops on the window pane. It was raining cats and dogs outside!! I switched my attention back to my pillow!! ¬†I¬†checked the weather once I got up and saw that it was going to ease up early afternoon. ¬†I would go cycling at lunchtime and as I was only doing 30km, it would barely take an hour or so. (more…)

Recovery ride

11 April 2010

I have now started doing a 20km recovery ride after each long ride I do. ¬†The idea is get my body used to the fact that it is cycling the day after a long, hard ride. ¬†Today was no exception despite the fact that both Alma and I picked up a bug at The Dive Club meeting on Tuesday and have both been under the weather since Thursday evening. (more…)

Beat it, just beat it.

3 February 2010

I was in two minds at lunchtime whether to go outside or stay indoors.¬† I opted to go out as the snow had melted.¬† It’s amazing what a climb in temperatures will do.¬† Not only did I break the 50 minute barrier, I hit the stop button on 48:59 only for the Edge to click over to 49:00.¬† I was cursing the time when I moved the bike at the red light and the unit added a couple of extra seconds when I wasn’t even moving!!¬† Doh!

Anyway, I was pleased with the ride today.  I was thinking I could have gone out in my shorts but looking at the temperature gauge, it is still only 35F.  What am I thinking?  So that is the quickest I have done the ride since, err, since sometime last year.  I will have to go back and check but I think it might be sometime ago.  Really looking forward to the summer now.