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Swirling balls of grit

10 March 2011

It was windy this morning. As I was putting on my boots and gloves in the kitchen, I looked up and saw the tree branches moving wildly in the wind. Yikes. I couldn’t discern from which direction the wind was coming from but I could see that it was strong.

I left the house, taking the new bike this morning, and set off on the 30km route I did Tuesday morning. As soon as I turned on to Smithtown Blvd, I could tell the wind was against me. That kind of meant it was not until I got to Vets that I would not get any benefit.

The trouble with wind, apart from it crushing the power in your legs, is that at this time of year, there is a lot of salt on the roads. I was cycling up Portion Road, on the new bike lane, no less, and I saw a golden ball of dust and sand coming towards me. I tucked my head in and felt the particles scrape across my cheeks. My face is the only exposed part of my body so it was the only place I felt it. Fortunately, it was the only occurrence of this.

After cycling down Patchogue Road and Broadway, I was on to Vets. Here, I thought I would get the benefit of the wind behind me. Nope. I could not feel it. I wasn’t sure which way it was coming from. But then I crossed Ocean and now I could feel the wind behind me. I was pushing 26mph going along Vets as I made my way to the Interstate. Now that’s the type of cycling I like!!

When I found myself back on Townline, I was back into the wind again and I toiled the last couple of miles. All in all, it was a nice ride and made even nicer with the new bike. I nearly beat the virtual buddy home. But poor Trekkie. At least I will go to Yoga on Trekkie tonight.


Longest short ride of the year

21 February 2011

Yesterday, I was itching for a ride. However, it wasn’t until 1 o’clock before I got around to doing anything about it. I was busy working on Dive Club stuff that I am way behind schedule on!! Then when I got to start getting ready for the bike ride, I couldn’t believe how long it took to get ready having to pile on the layers!

I knew the route I was going to take was the one where I go along the service roads of I-95 and drive around Lake Ronkonkoma. It has been a while since I did that ride because I consider it a 40km ride and the 40 km ride down Nichols and up Vets is so much faster that I prefer to do it. The beginning of the ride was faster than my last ride out that I started feeling good about the ride. Currently I feel as if I am so out of shape. The month I took off after the op, plus December I was away for three weeks, I haven’t done much riding since November. My cycling legs are definitely on vacation.

But then I hit the wind. Going down Motor Parkway was a chore. Riding up Ocean was a chore. Riding down Motor Parkway the other way was a chore. Riding down Vets was a chore. Going around Lake Ronkonkoma and Portion Rd was beneficial but those moments were all too brief. I think of all the winds, the North wind is the least favourable. It was blowing well yesterday but not as bad as Saturday. The trees were bent over then.

My time was slow. Very slow. I averaged 13.1 mph. Ok, the wind was a big factor but this is slow. I am trying not to act worried but I need to step up to the plate. Of course, I am also on a low-carb diet. I am seeing how my body reacts to that. I may need to start eating carbs when I am out on the ride. We’ll see how that goes.

Cranbury 200k – the report (part 1)

28 April 2010

I was up before my alarm as I had to cycle 7 miles just to get to the starting point; the brevet was starting at 7am.  It was pouring heavily when I got up and as I walked out to get the bike from the car, it was just as bad.  I was soaked before I even started the brevet.  I did see the first goslings of the year at 6:45 and one of the parent geese hissed at me.

Cranbury pre ride huddle

Huddling together out of the rain


What’s it with loops?

18 April 2010

I think I must be obsessed with loops.  I have them on my 40k route; I have them on my 20k route, and I have the worst one on my 70k route.  By loops I don’t mean a circular route, I mean a loop within the circular route.  The one on the 70k has me going up the hill from Port Jefferson twice! (more…)

Finally got let off the ark

14 March 2010

What a terrible two days it has been.  I think it rained non-stop since Friday.  I had a day off on Friday as I cycled six days in a row.  I wished I had gone riding on Friday as it was impossible to go out on Saturday.  High winds and rain all day.  I can only imagine if the temperature had been lower how much snow would have fallen.  Yesterday’s forecast was to have it stop raining by 9am today.  We received a flood warning on the telly last night which was in effect till 00:30.  I remember waking up and thinking that it was quiet outside – the rain had stopped.  We got up late this morning and to think that the clocks should have gone forward, it was even later.  The rain had stopped and the wind didn’t seem that bad so I went out. (more…)

I rode the walk

7 March 2010

Today was all about the climb from Port Jefferson.  This was the sole focus.  No way was I going to be walking up that hill.  No way.  The idea was not being entertained at all.

I headed off into a northerly wind.  The 4.8 miles it takes to get to the end of Lake Avenue saw me behind the optimum pace.  Once on 25A, I was able to make up on the pace as despite the terrible condition of the road (I really need to write to someone on that!), I can sped a long there fairly quickly.  I noticed a lot of runners out today – there must have been ten of them I passed in a very short section.  It wasn’t long before I reached Port Jefferson and as I cycled through the village I switched to the smallest crank in preparation for THE CLIMB. (more…)

Touch and go…

1 March 2010

The alarm went off at 6:20 this morning so that I could get in a 22 mile ride before getting ready for work.  The trees were moving in the wind and I knew it was going to be tough.  Straight into a head wind, I was behind schedule even before I got to the first hill.  Over a minute behind as I reached the top.  Turning the corner as I ride towards a fast descent, the wind hit me full on.  This is the only dedicated cycle lane I have on the route and on the 22 mile section, I cover this part twice.  On the second time around, I continue straight and  go over the brow of the hill and head down into a fast descent.  This is where I want Alma taking a photo of me as I turn the corner at the bottom.  But on the first time around, I turn right as I prepare to climb the first hill again, but on a different route.  I got to the bottom of the hill and I am still behind. (more…)

Outside but no bonus

21 February 2010

One of the good things about cycling downhill is the bonus – freewheeling and letting the body recover.  It is amazing looking at my heart rate and seeing how it drops dramatically whilst freewheeling.  However, two of the longest downhill sections today was against the wind – I had to pedal all the way.  Despite that, I was pleased to be back outside having been stuck inside training for a week and a half. (more…)