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Wow, an outdoors ride

14 March 2012

So, I ventured out on the road this morning.

Riding on a road is a different beast altogether. You’d have thought that with the constant pedalling an indoor bike brings, you’d be in fairly good shape for an outdoor ride. At least, I would have thought. I had rivers of sweat running down my spine after three miles!!! Ok, that was probably down to my choice of layers; I think I have forgotten how to dress for the outdoors. It was 51F when I left and 48F when I came back. I was surprised in the drop of temperature, especially as the sun had risen, but I did come to a cold patch on Vets Highway.

I threw on both front lights, the dynamo and the Nite Rider, and the last two remaining back lights. I need to purchase a couple more now, one bust! Hey, did you know Nite Rider has closed down for business. I don’t think their lights for bicycles have closed but the division that made diving lights. I had one of their lights for diving and it was like a beacon but I think I shorted in on one dive trip and it never worked after that. I have a bigger beacon now which lights up a football field!! But I digress.

I filled up a water bottle, threw on the frame bag and set off. I should have brought a Gu. I really ought to have. Anyway, I didn’t and I barely took a sip of water. Cadence, I think, was high and that’s probably the side effect of doing the Hill Speed workouts. I headed off down Smithtown Blvd, then on to Portion Road and then on to Patchogue Rd (Ave?). It was nice to see a newly painted bike lane on Patchogue Rd. It goes all the way down to the LIE. When I say “new”, it’s probably been there for months!

Riding along Vets Highway, I saw the landfill. Is this new? I recall seeing it when driving in the car with Alma and we weren’t too sure if was new or not but riding the bike and taking some time going past it, it definitely seemed like it had not been there before. I have cycled up that road many times and don’t recall seeing it. Must ask Becky tomorrow.

As I reached Connetquot River State Park (where we hiked on Saturday), I suddenly felt chilled. It is the faster section of the ride with a slight downhill, but I immediately thought, west wind!! The leaves weren’t even moving, ha! I was glad of the layers then. Coming back along Townline (opposite direction) it again felt like a head wind but again the leaves weren’t moving. Probably just a drop in temperature.

Anyway, I got back and felt pleased I had done the ride. No real drawbacks from having done the CTS yesterday. I’ll be back out again tomorrow though this getting up in the dark is getting old fast!


Shedding the grub’s clothing

12 April 2011

Last night I decided I was going to go out in cycling shorts only. Come rain or shine, wind or snow. Well, it was 55F and a light breeze. I didn’t feel up to going out in just a cycling shirt so I wore two tops but my legs were exposed for the first time. The layers had been shed.

It made a big, big difference. I was over a minute ahead at my first checkpoint and two minutes ahead after the second climb. I did notice that I wasn’t as fast going down Motor Parkway towards Old Nicholls, need to see how to improve on that. I got back in 46 minutes plus, almost seven minutes quicker than yesterday’s time. I am still three minutes down on my fastest time ever but at least my times are comparable to my peak last year. Just need to shed these last few pounds and I will be happy with my progress.

I had forgotten the reasons why I was behind in training. I was away for most of December and then in the middle of January I had an operation which kept me off the bike for over a month. So overall, it’s not too bad.

So tired, tired of waiting…

6 April 2011

When are we going to see the back of winter? It was 36F this morning when I rolled out of bed to go cycling. I was hoping to be wearing just shorts this week but alas, I had to dig out the layers from the dirty laundry basket. I knew I should have washed my gear from the weekend.

Half the battle is just leaving the front door. Once I am out there, and it is not windy, I actually enjoy it. I was just thinking that this morning, it is not too bad. However, I do wish I could go out in just shorts and my regular shoes and gloves.

I was two seconds down on last Thursday’s ride. I’ll be out again in the morning and I shall start clocking up faster rides. Need to push myself on these shorter rides during the week.

2011 – first outside ride

7 January 2011

I went out cycling this morning as it hadn’t snowed overnight.  Temperature was 32F so I was a little bit wary of black ice.  I think that wariness affected performance as I took the longest time for the short 20km route, ever.  I had a feeling it would be a slow time when I reached the top of the first hill after ten minutes when normally it takes me around eight.  Adding all the extra layers normally slows my time but I had to check what I was doing a year ago and it was only the indoor rides that I was doing a comparable time.  My time yesterday was faster than the indoor rides of last year so I am not overly worried.  Anyway, it is early days into my training – only second day in.

It has snowed tonight so I’ll be back inside tomorrow.  Even though it didn’t snow much, it is dead icy.  We went out for a dinner and movie and it was like an ice rink when we came out of the movie theatre.  Thankfully the roads weren’t like that.

The new shoes held up great but I want some really low temperatures to really test them out.  I think 17F was my lowest temperature last year and my feet were frozen when I got back.  I had the new GoPro camera though I definitely think I set the helmet strap up wrongly as could be seen from all my photos.  Here is one of the better one.

Winter Cycling

All dressed up

Cold, cold morning

14 April 2010

What a difference the temperature makes to cycling.

When I was out last, on Sunday, I was in my shorts and cycling jersey only. It was not overly hot but it was pleasant and I clocked up my fastest time ever on the route. Today, the thermometer read 33F and I had to try and find where I had put away all the layering clothes. It took ages for my legs to get working and even then, I don’t think they fully warmed up. (more…)

Layering up

24 March 2010

Now that I am doing longer rides in the morning, I have to get up earlier.  It is not light when I get up which makes it doubly hard.  Plus, the temperature was 39F which meant no more shorts and short sleeved jerseys.  Yes, I was back in my layers.  I had to go searching for them as I thought I had done with them for this part of the year.

So it was a 40km bike ride which meant over 90 minutes cycling time.  I had mapped out a new route – extending certain aspects of the longer regular route and shortening others.  I end up on the north service road of the LIE twice and I can tell you it is in need of repairs.  I had one motorist blow his horn as he passed me.  The last I looked cyclists are allowed to cycle there so he got the two fingered salute.  No “oi” though as he was away gone. (more…)

Laundry Days

22 January 2010

Never mind hot yoga, try hot cycling!

I bought some new cycling clothes for the winter as I was wearing the same stuff all week long and the basement was beginning to stink. On Wednesday I tried wearing three layers when I went out for a lunch time ride. I was overly hot. The air temperature was over 40F which probably contributed a lot to that. So I was drenched in sweat by the time I got home. Yesterday, I wore the same layers and with temperatures in the low 20s, I wasn’t as hot. I was still covered in sweat so the wicking process breaks down in one place, or two. But it is good to know I can still go cycling on laundry days!!