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Running up that hill

29 March 2011

If life was meant to be easy, there would be no need to get out of bed in the mornings. And, we would have a TV in the bedroom. However, we don’t have a TV in the bedroom and we don’t like an easy life. We strive to do better and we strive to do more than yesterday. Many days we fail but we always get up the next morning armed with the same intent. There’s no sleeping till after noon in this house!! 😛

The CTS training is tough. I could easily go through life without doing. Last Thursday I found it really hard going. The third and fourth interval I struggled to keep up the the correct cadence and sought an easier gear. An easier gear means cycling faster to achieve the same power output. The objective is to have a certain output with a certain cadence. There is not much room for slippage so there is probably only one gear that will give that output. Moving to an easier gear inevitably meant I was not going to meet the objective but my objective for last Thursday changed and I just wanted to to finish the session without quitting. I was happy with the changed objective as quitting is no option.

Today’s session was easier. It was still tough and I was pushing hard during the last interval but I was not flagging from the second interval as I was Thursday. The distance travelled today was further than Thursday but not as far as last Tuesday. I am questioning last Tuesday’s stats as I was cycling with Alma’s profile on the computer so not too sure if that made a difference to power output. It’ll become more obvious the more rides I do on the bike.

My first hilly brevet is not until the end of April so it will be interesting to see how I do on that. I have not done the Princeton 200k as one ride but I have done the whole route on two separate rides. Adamic Hill Road is the big one and I didn’t find it that bad last year when I did it on a short 80km. When I say not that bad, I meant I was expecting worse. It was pretty steep. I want to see how I climb it this year and with a whole month of CTS training behind me I may actually enjoy it. 🙂

I think one more ride this week on Thursday. I need to change saddles before that and will be writing to Specialized as I have never had markings on my bum like I have from Sunday’s ride!


Shy boys only win coconuts

27 March 2011

Training for the PBP is a lot of mental preparation. The physical side requires a lot of training but the only way I know to prepare mentally for it is to toughen my wimpy self up. This winter seems to have dragged on and on. It has affected my training and there have been days where I have not gone outside to cycle. However, with the first 200k brevet just seven days away, I cannot afford any more slippage. Today’s scheduled distance was 80km and even though I wanted to cut it short, I knew I couldn’t afford to. At least it was going to be a flat ride.

Before I left out of the house, I was starving and with nothing appropriate to eat, I grabbed a handful of candied ginger pieces and gobbled them down. Not sure if that was a good move as I felt like barfing a couple of times later on. Anyway, I got to 347 and saw a nice northerly wind. I was going to have a cross wind for forty miles and a nice head wind for a couple of miles as I crossed from 25A to Sound Avenue. I kept smelling food as I passed by all the fast food places. I kept seeing 99c Sausage Biscuits signs on every 7-11 I passed too. Hardly conducive to my low carb diet but I didn’t care. However, I did care enough to not stop and purchase anything. Another suck on the propel water was good enough to freeze my stomach into quietness.

I need to look at the map. I felt like I was going into a Westerly wind on the way back even though whenever I saw flags, they indicated a northerly wind. It wasn’t until I got to Southern with only two miles to go that I had a tail wind.

My legs felt heavy at times. This has persuaded me to only do one CTS session this week as I prepare for the 200k. I need to change saddles. I will switch the saddle with the Trek. This was the longest ride on the Specialized so far and the saddle does not feel comfortable enough for a long ride. I know I can get around with the Trek saddle. The saddle I won last year for sure is not appropriate. I am now in the market for a new saddle. Research begins. I am also in the market for a new drysuit and I found the one I want to get after the PBP has been completed. But that’s not about cycling so won’t be expanded on here. 😛

Hightstown 400k review

14 June 2010

This has been some time doing.  The ride was longer than anything I have done before and it challenged me a lot, both physically and mentally.  I learned that my bike set up needs improving and I learned that I have a long way to go before I am ready for the PBP 2011.  However, I do have a long time before that ride and there is ample time in which to get everything ready. (more…)

I rode the walk

7 March 2010

Today was all about the climb from Port Jefferson.  This was the sole focus.  No way was I going to be walking up that hill.  No way.  The idea was not being entertained at all.

I headed off into a northerly wind.  The 4.8 miles it takes to get to the end of Lake Avenue saw me behind the optimum pace.  Once on 25A, I was able to make up on the pace as despite the terrible condition of the road (I really need to write to someone on that!), I can sped a long there fairly quickly.  I noticed a lot of runners out today – there must have been ten of them I passed in a very short section.  It wasn’t long before I reached Port Jefferson and as I cycled through the village I switched to the smallest crank in preparation for THE CLIMB. (more…)

Looks like a good stretch ahead

6 March 2010

I don’t think we are forecasted any snow for a while.  Hooray!!

Today was an interesting ride.  I took yesterday off and gave my hamstring an extra day recovery.  The yoga class on Thursday seemed to have helped a lot so when I climbed on the bike this morning I didn’t have the agony I experienced Thursday morning.  Winds were very low and I decided to see if it made any difference climbing the same hill twice instead of two two different ones in the first five miles.  When I got to the top second time around, it didn’t seem any quicker or shorter.  Will have to compare on the computer.  I was wondering if the other hill I do is longer and higher than the second hill and to see if it was making my overall time longer compared to the summer when I was only doing the same hill twice.

The most noticeable difference of today’s ride was the hill on Motor Parkway.  Going out, this is the fastest section of the whole ride so you would expect it to be the most steepest climb of the ride as well.  Today, there seemed to be no effort required to climb the hill.  I was quite surprised at this change in attitude as the hill hasn’t changed and the speed hasn’t changed either.  Just mentally, more tough!  This is good and I think it is preparation for the climb tomorrow.

Staying motivated

14 February 2010

When it snows ten inches and the roads are only partially ploughed, it makes it a not too difficult decision, safety-wise, to stay inside and train. However, continuous indoor training leads to cabin fever and I itch to be back outside cycling on the roads.  The comes along the Winter Olympics…  I have switched the training to afternoons so I can watch the Winter Olympics live and cycle at the same time.  It keeps the motivation up to continue training if there is something pleasant about the cycling. (more…)