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What’s your cycling rhythm to Abba?

11 February 2010

Ten inches of snow fell since Tuesday evening so it was no surprise that I have not been cycling outside.  I didn’t go cycling yesterday preferring to get acquainted to a couple of bottles red. 😉  We did clear the driveway between snow fronts so worked out a little there.  Today was back on the indoor trainer.  Rather than cycling to music videos on MTV or VH-1 I went for a movie – Mama Mia of them all.  Really the choice was very limited.  And I couldn’t really get a rhythm going to the songs – just not perfect pedalling tunes.  I must say that the time seemed to pass by quickly however the pace was not as quick as it has been when cycling indoors.  I was half thinking that I had tightened up the flywheel too much and the friction was heavier than normal but who knows.  I will see if I can adjust that tomorrow.  I don’t think I’ll be back outside before next week yet.  Maybe in time for President’s Day.