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Layering up

24 March 2010

Now that I am doing longer rides in the morning, I have to get up earlier.  It is not light when I get up which makes it doubly hard.  Plus, the temperature was 39F which meant no more shorts and short sleeved jerseys.  Yes, I was back in my layers.  I had to go searching for them as I thought I had done with them for this part of the year.

So it was a 40km bike ride which meant over 90 minutes cycling time.  I had mapped out a new route – extending certain aspects of the longer regular route and shortening others.  I end up on the north service road of the LIE twice and I can tell you it is in need of repairs.  I had one motorist blow his horn as he passed me.  The last I looked cyclists are allowed to cycle there so he got the two fingered salute.  No “oi” though as he was away gone. (more…)


Back outside

26 January 2010

The front came and went so I was able to get back outside today.  It was fairly windy at lunchtime but I managed to sneak in a quick 20km ride.  I had not even travelled a mile when I got my first “Oi! Oi!” out.  There was a right turn lane on a fairly quiet road and I was cycling on the border of it and the main highway.  I heard an SUV driver behind me blast a fairly lengthy beep.  He then cut in front of me and turned right.  There was easily enough space for him to have passed me by on the right.  He got the two fingered salute immediately followed by two Ois in rapid succession.  No reaction.  I felt like chasing him down but immediately knew the folly of that.

Temperatures were not too bad.  They were in the 40s so I shed one layer of tops, the outer gloves and the booties.  Felt comfortable.  Despite the wind, I put up a good time though I have still yet to work on the speed.  All in all, a nice ride.