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My first brevet card

12 April 2010

This is my first brevet card.  I’ll get it back at the end of the season but I wanted to share it with you earlier than that.  Many thanks to Judson Hand for taking the photo and sending it on to me.

Brevet Card for Princeton 115k

Brevet Card for Princeton 115k


Princeton 115km

11 April 2010

I got breakfast delivered to the room at 6am, quickly ate it and then out to get the bike ready. We were leaving at 7am and the bike was not ready to go.

On Friday, as I putting the bike into the car, I noticed that BOTH of the water bottle cages had snapped.  I have no idea how that had happened and to make it more mysterious, they had snapped on different sides.  So we had to make a detour to the bike shop on our way to New Jersey.  I got some spare gas cylinders as well just in case of another puncture. (more…)