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Hightstown 400k

5 June 2010

This was some ride!!

I got up at 3:15am and got dressed.  I looked outside and to my surprise it was pouring down.  Not a gentle drizzle but hard and heavy.  I had not planned to bring my rain jacket or fender but Alma said I may as well throw them in the car.  Fortunately, this is what I did.  I left the room and quietly made my way to the front of the hotel.  There was a gathering of cyclists and I found an empty space in which I left my bike as I registered on to the ride.  After picking up my brevet card, I got my bike checked and brevet card stamped. (more…)


Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase

29 March 2010

These are the new tyres I have bought.  The shop did not have any Armadillos which I already knew, so I got a pair of these.  They are supposedly quicker than the Armadillos but I need to see if they are as rugged.  I am sure I changed my tyres last in July so I have got about 8 months usage out of them.  We’ll see how long these get.  Forecast is for rain tomorrow and I am doing 50km.  Yuck!!

Another puncture

28 March 2010

Just fixed another puncture. Hopefully will get me home as it won’t fully inflate. Doh!