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Red Lights and Stop Signs

15 January 2010

Ok, this is not really about red lights, I’ll save them for another day. 🙂

Stop signs however…

The Stop Sign

One of the two banes of my life.

On my regular route, the nextdoor township has put up three new stop signs.  The volume of traffic barely merits it so I am assuming it is designed purely to control the speed of traffic.  I am barely a threat to pedestrians, the speed I go, except when I am going downhill fast.  So the fact that I now have to stop an extra three times is not representative of a good traffic policy, in my opinion.  It makes me think I should start lobbying New York politicians to introduce the “Idaho Stop” law for cyclists.  I just read it a bit further and didn’t know that they allow a left turn on a red light provided it is safe to do so, and after doing a proper stop, of course.  And as I am on the subject of the law, I think they should throw the book at those “cyclists” that persist in cycling on the left hand side of the road – do they think they are in England?