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Next brevet – 300k NYC

8 July 2010

The next brevet for this year, and the final one, is the NYC 300k on September 5th.  It is one day before Alma’s birthday so I think we are spending the weekend in the city – have to see whereabouts exactly the ride starts from.  Two years ago it started  by the Youth Hostel on 103rd Street but I have a feeling it will actually start in New Jersey this year.  I am waiting to hear from the organiser. (more…)


Withdrawing from the Princeton 300k

2 May 2010

Unfortunately, there is a clash of events this coming Saturday and I had to withdraw from the 300k. However, there is a NYC 300k in September which I am doing instead so I shall be jumping from the 200k to the 400k. Gulp! I have the Montauk Century in a couple of weeks so things are gearing towards that rather than the 300k. I have rearranged my training schedule for the next two weeks and have left the old schedule up there just to remind myself what I was doing. Now I have to come up with a training schedule for the summer as I had thought I was just going to be easing down after the 600k. Doh!

Training Schedule for 2010

18 January 2010

I have posted what I think is going to be my training schedule for 2010 – see Pages link on the right. I may change it, depending upon how it seems to be going.