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Surface Interval

12 May 2010

Surface intervals are supposed to be relaxing and spent hanging out between scuba dives. Not the ones I am doing on the bicycle, however. My surface intervals here are spent trying to find decent road surfaces on which to cycle. I rant a lot about the state of the roads so I guess it is only fair to praise them when I see something nice. (more…)


Avoiding the roadworks

7 May 2010

It seems like it is silly season for roadworks.

On Tuesday I did a quick 16 mile ride just to see if my time had improved. I should have looked at my past history to see what time I needed to beat. I thought that at 56 minutes I had beaten it but it was not to be.  Back in March I had ridden a time of 55 minutes.  Tuesday was not scheduled to be a riding day but I went out nevertheless.  Wednesday was but I didn’t get out of bed.  I was supposed to do two 50km rides on Wednesday and Thursday, one day off then the 70km ride on Saturday.  Alma and I are going into Manhattan on Sunday so no riding on Sunday.  This means I am doing two 50km rides and a 70 km ride on consecutive days! (more…)

A big loop

31 March 2010

I got out this morning instead of yesterday.  At 6 o’clock I was not eager, I must say, but after a few minutes lying in bed I jumped up and started moving.  I switched on the foot reflectors for the first time as it was dark and I was going to be cycling along 347 which is a busy and fast road so wanted to be certain that I could be seen. (more…)