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First ascent of 2011

5 March 2011

Today I climbed the hill up Port Jefferson. I was probably not ready for it but I wanted to see how the Specialized bike performed on the hill and it was dry out. I took a new route to get to 25A rather than going along Lake Ave all the way. Lake has loads of potholes so it is not a pleasant road to ride along. The new way took me along Terry Road, on to 25 and then on to 25A. It’s a mile longer as it is less direct but it is a better ride.

The temperature was mid range between cold and not cold. Not sure what to wear clothing-wise, I opted for two layers and the windbreaker. One layer would not have been enough and three would have been too much. As it turned out, two layers was just about right.

The Specialized bike did well. There are a few little climbs on the way to Port Jefferson so I tried the range of gears. I noticed that it was not a clean exchange climbing back on to the larger sprocket at the front. That is something I need to point out when I take the bike back for its first service. I need to use it more else it is not going to be worthwhile having a service. I’ll see if I can use it all week. One thing that has been noted is the two little wheelies I did on the way up from Port Jeff. That could be because I was pulling back on the handlebars more than I normally would have done or it could be because the bike is lighter. I’ll keep a note of that over the next few weeks.

The climb up was not too bad. I made sure I was in a low gear as I approached the hill, remembering my first attempt where I ended up walking. Because I have ridden up the hill, walking is no longer an option so once the hill is on the route, it is to be ridden. I passed a few joggers coming down the hill and fortunately they got out of my way as we were both on the same side of the road. I have very little maneuverability as I climb. MayMyRide put it as a Category 5 climb – probably because it is only short.

Once I had reached the top, the ride then became a recovery ride. I made my way to 347 and then started to head back home. Unfortunately, it was right into the wind. 347 is a fast road but today it was not such a fast ride back. My average speed was pretty slow so I need to improve on that over the coming weeks. I’ll see how this ride is next week.

Overall, not a bad ride.


Route 25A – a little further

17 January 2010

I changed tack on 25A this morning. Instead of doing a there and back type of ride I decided to do a circular and come back along 347. I have wanted to gauge how safe 347 is as there is no dedicated cycle lane and there are many right turn only lanes plus traffic flies along there at 55mph, or greater. So I set up my route on MapMyRide and then downloaded to the Garmin. Let’s see if I can beat that virtual cycling buddy. (more…)

Route 25A

10 January 2010

It was cold this morning, 16F.  I was going to check out bicycle route 25A as I think it is the road to do for long distance riding.  I may need to change my idea on that having seen the condition of the road after Lake Ave.  Pot holes everywhere and narrow lanes would make it difficult during periods of heavy traffic.  I feel as if I need to write into someone but not sure who is responsible for the state of the roads. (more…)